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American Green Successfully Completes Transaction for the Purchase of Nipton, CA, Ahead of Schedule

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwired - Sep 19, 2017) - Today American Green, Inc. ( OTC : ERBB ) has announced that after the necessary time to crystalize the first phase of its multi-year plan, it has started working in and around Nipton with locals and visiting specialists alike. The overarching goal is to create the first energy-independent town that embraces the legal cannabis industry in every way that it legally can. The historic 'downtown' of what was once a gold mining camp is known for its hotel, saloon and general store, as well as the immediate surrounding acreage, is planned as a cannabis hospitality destination. The company believes this will galvanize the community and establish a blueprint for other, similar areas in the country and perhaps elsewhere.

"What we found during the run up to today, and especially in the last two months is that visitors here marvel in how time seems to practically stop in Nipton. It never actually stopped, but visiting the town and the beautiful Ivanpah Valley it sits in is often described as magical. I don't believe we will ever run out of ways that American Green can attract and leverage potentially hundreds of merchandising, retail, and entertainment opportunities resulting in economic growth that should only serve to revitalize the region, its visitors, and the local population -- both current residents and newcomers alike," according to David Gwyther, ERBB's chairman. "But the attraction is what it is today and enhancing what it is, not changing it to something else is the trick. Nipton must ultimately stay 'Nipton,'" Gwyther concluded.

"Nipton has been a special place in my life on many levels. After my husband, Gerry Freeman, passed away last year it gradually became apparent that it was time for a change," said Roxanne Lang, former town owner/operator and resident of the area for more than twenty-five years. "But Nipton deserved more than simply selling to an interested party. It deserves a party that will carry the dream we worked hard at for decades and the dreams and interests of others; someone to respect the town for what it represents. What I've discovered in American Green is that, and even more. The vision and energy of American Green and their people is clear and has already made an impact. It is the only way I would have imagined parting with such an important part of our lives and those of so many others."

Dennis Benson, who has been a resident of the Ivanpah Valley since the late 1950's and worked in, lived in and been a part of Nipton as well as nearby Searchlight, NV and Baker, CA added, "Me and my family have seen people including family come and go, live and die here along with adventurers, prospectors, biologists, fans of outdoor sports, tourists from around the world and from all over the United States of America. My wife, Pam, and I have raised our boys in and around Nipton and we like it the way it is. Which is why we are very happy that it was American Green who has become our new neighbor. In our time with them we have found a company, made up of very real people, who aren't here to take Nipton from us, but to help us bring back the fun that the Ivanpah Valley has given so many people over the last hundred and twenty years. Hopefully other people will now get a chance to see why we love it her.

Since announcing the binding agreement to purchase Nipton last month, American Green has received over 1,000 inquiries on subjects ranging from expressing interest in brand associations with the town, employment opportunities, and retail space or marketing inquiries. It should be noted here that while some of the initial press the company received indicated the company's intent to immediately begin leasing land to cannabis growers or growing the herb, itself, no such activity is planned for the immediate future and could only happen with the full approval from the County of San Bernardino and the State of California, which it hopes to secure as some point in the future. As the Nipton Project develops in the future, the company continues to make plans to interact with county, state, and, some day, federal agencies to ensure it is acting well within all legal guidelines.

Nipton, established over 100 years ago, is one of many towns throughout our country that have seen better days -- maybe the mill or factory closed and took its production overseas, or perhaps the mineral mine went dry. It is American Green's vision to use Nipton, California as a revitalization model for other near-deserted small towns across America while retaining as much of the town's and region's natural charm, a directive that is paramount to American Green.

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