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American values changing with younger generation

Blair Shiff

Americans are shifting dramatically on the values that mean the most to them.

According to a new Wall Street Journal/NBC poll, things like patriotism, religion and having children are lowering in importance to younger Americans while hard work and having money is surging upwards. The poll compared data from a poll in 1998 to see how the trends were changing.

"Sadly, a lot of values like family and God seem to be replaced with the value of big government at least when it comes to young people in this poll," Young Americans for Liberty analyst Kristin Tate told FOX Business' Charles Payne on "Making Money With Charles Payne." "So, of course, this is going to help the socialists like Liz Warren. Many young people just don't place a high value on patriotism, religion, family, and, I think, capitalism."

Tate argued that past generations were taught to pick themselves up by their bootstraps if they fell on hard times, as well as looking towards their family and their church for support.

However, Democratic strategist Max Burns argued it was less of a government problem as much as it was a policy decision problem.

"As a millennial, I would love to have kids and have a house, but for a lot of millennials in my group, that's out of their reach," Burns said. "They have the overhang of student debt. Wages haven't been rising. The price of housing is moving far quicker than wages are growing."

Burns mentioned how many people want to give their kids a better life than they had, which he claims is harder to do nowadays.

Tate said she's concerned this type of thought process is due to younger generations warming to liberal ideas.

"You know, it feels good to be told that your problems are not the result of your own decisions but the result of evil, big businesses and rich people, but, of course, in practice, these socialist policies ... punish working people with higher taxes that would bankrupt the country," Tate said.


Tate thinks it's imperative President Trump hammers home these points during the upcoming election.

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