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Ethan Wolff-Mann
Senior Writer
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    I don't think it's so much about how we get our news as it is about how unwilling we are to believe anything that runs contrary to our preferred viewpoints.

    And before anyone starts with the whole red team/blue team bit, this is a problem across the entire political spectrum.
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    Getting your news from Facebook is like getting your meat from the back door of the Humane Society.
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    I take EVERYTHING I read with a grain of salt. There is so much fake news out there
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    The news media hates the feedback caused by the ability of the public to react to their opinions. So much of news is actually opinion that has been disguised as news.
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    I get how to videos and songs from You Tube, zero news. Never been on Facebook. I consider anything on the Major TV network news if it is not political. Political news is 5% facts and 95% opinion. Very difficult unless you actually hear the person speak who is actually making the news.
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    People on the left want to control access to the "news". It used to be that whoever controls the media rules the "masses". But now it's not the Watergate time and voters receive their inputs from social media mostly. LIberal, yes, but wide open to anybody.
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    There isn't any news on Yahoo that doesn't have a political or some other slant.
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    If you get your news from Yahoo it's an even bigger problem because 100% of it's fake.
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    Its a symptom!

    The real disease is being a phone zombie...like so many reading this comment.
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    I do get some of the news from social media, but I always cross check their validity