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Americans Waste More Than $300 and Six Hours on DIY Mistakes Per Project

New research from home improvement marketplace Porch found American homeowners tackled projects by themselves in order to save money, but often end up spending more

SEATTLE, April 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Many homeowners opt to take on home improvement projects themselves, expecting that they can save themselves money, but new research from home improvement marketplace Porch shows they may be wrong. According to the new research, do-it-yourself errors can end up costing homeowners nearly six hours of time and adding $310 to the cost of the project, on average.

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Flooring installation caused homeowners the most headaches. Mistakes during the labor- and material-intense project added nearly 14 hours of time and $829 to the project. Plumbing, electrical wiring and installing a ceiling fan caused the most additional hours to the project, adding nearly seven hours. Exterior painting and replacing an electrical outlet added the most cost, adding nearly $450 to the initial cost.

In addition to time and money, DIY projects have an emotional toll as well. Twenty-eight of respondents who were married or in a relationship reported having a fight with their significant other during the project. Projects dealing with electricity ranked highest for sparking an argument – electrical wiring/rewiring, replacing an outlet, and installing a ceiling fan grabbed three of the top four argument-causing project spots, with roughly 40 percent causing a disagreement. Those who made a mistake were also much more likely to argue with their partner – 45.8 percent reported fighting with their partner versus just 21.6 percent of those who didn't make a mistake during the project.

The entire research report can be found here.

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