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America's Health Rankings: Hawaii No. 1

HONOLULU (AP) -- Hawaii ranks first in a state-by-state analysis of health.

United Health Foundation released its 2013 America's Health Rankings Wednesday, saying Hawaii is the healthiest state.

The rankings highlight Hawaii's strengths, including the state's smoking and obesity rates. The report notes nearly 15 percent of people in Hawaii smoke, compared with nearly 20 percent nationally. Nearly 24 percent of adults in Hawaii are obese, compared with nearly 28 percent nationally.

But Hawaii faces unhealthy challenges including a high rate of binge drinking and a low high school graduation rate.

According to the report, one in 13 people in Hawaii have diabetes, compared with one in 10 nationally.

The foundation says Hawaii's ranking over the years has varied from first to sixth.

This year, Mississippi is ranked as the least healthy state.