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America's next-generation stealth bomber just got its name

Amanda Macias
raider b21

(An artist rendering shows the first image of a new Northrop Grumman Corp long-range bomber.US Air Force)
NATIONAL HARBOR, Maryland — America's newest stealth bomber, the B-21, finally has a name: Raider.

Announced at the annual Air Force Association's conference, Northrop Grumman's B-21 is named after famed World War II air commander Gen. James Doolittle's group.

The name for the next-generation bomber was announced by retired Lt. Col. Richard Cole, the last surviving member of the "Doolittle raid," one of the most risky missions in US military history.

The Air Force is set to buy 100 new bombers from Northrop Grumman, the same manufacturer of the iconic B-2 Spirit.

Earlier this year, the Air Force received more than 4,600 entries during a naming contest for the aircraft.

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