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Amerseco awarded contract from Army National Guard

Ameresco announced that the Army National Guard has awarded Ameresco an Energy Savings Performance Contract task order to improve the energy efficiency of the Army National Guard headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, just outside of Washington, D.C. The budget-neutral project utilizes Ameresco’s master ESPC with the Department of Energy and is expected to reduce the headquarters’ energy consumption by over 20% through IT system efficiencies and upgrades to the headquarters’ lighting and cooling systems. As part of the ESPC, Ameresco will install five major energy conservation measures across 500,000 square feet of office space to reduce total site energy consumption by 21%. The ESPC is expected to yield energy and operations and maintenance savings of more than $738,000 annually. One primary measure to reduce electrical demand addresses IT systems by virtualizing over 3,000 PC desktop workstations and streamlining print management. This IT improvement will save electricity by using low-power terminals versus personal computers. Combined with upgrades to the headquarters’ lighting systems, including the installation of over 7,600 high efficiency lighting fixtures, the ESPC will save 27,771 MBtu annually which has an emissions reduction equivalent to removing approximately 1,100 automobiles from the road each year.