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Amicus Attorney in Viral “Stand with Sophie” Case Recommended Mother Have Sole Legal Custody

The Routzon Law Firm, PLLC
·3 mins read

Dallas, Texas, Oct. 01, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

An Amicus Attorney in the viral “Stand with Sophie” custody case – a neutral attorney appointed by the court to represent the best interests of the children – strongly recommended the children’s mother Kelly Long be the sole conservator, according to court documents filed on August 19th, 2020.

According to the Amicus Attorney’s court report:

-- The Amicus Attorney believes that the children were not adequately cared for while in the possession of the Petitioner, Father. The children did not attend school while in the possession of father, except for one day for a short period of time. The eldest child was subjected to at least five different physicians for examination of sexual abuse during Petitioner, Father’s period of extended summer possession. The Amicus Attorney reported that at least two of the children appeared to have been coached by the father and stepmother prior to the interviews with her.

-The Amicus Attorney communicated deep concerns to the court for the children’s immediate emotional health and safety while in their father’s care.

-The Amicus Attorney recommended that Kelly Long be the sole conservator for the children. This recommendation comes after the Amicus Attorney conducted her own interviews and reviewed extensive evidence and documents provided by medical professionals, Child Protective Services, and police officers.
Meanwhile, Michael Long continues to monetize this custody case in hopes of digging himself out of his dire financial troubles. According to the Routzon Law Firm, his fraudulent GoFundMe page has already raised more than $200,000 from an unsuspecting public and now Michael Long is also promoting and benefiting from the sale of merchandise on Etsy and is reportedly allowing Sophie to Facetime with strangers online.

“This is a terribly sad case, where a father has continually and publicly exploited and abused his own children, including Sophie, for monetary gain. In just the past few weeks, Michael Long has prevented his children from attending school, getting medical checkups, counseling and everything else a loving, responsible parent would do. Instead, Michael Long’s focus has been on perpetuating endless lies to an unsuspecting public at the expense of his innocent children,” said a family spokesperson.

Earlier this month, The Routzon Law firm issued a fraud alert for the “Stand with Sophie” GoFundMe page. And numerous “Stand with Sophie” Facebook pages have been taken down due to calls of violence and harassment against Kelly Long. Attracting thousands of Facebook users, the pages are used to regularly disseminated false information to unaware members of the public.

The original Facebook page even prompted Frisco, Texas Police to issue a rare public disclaimer: "While the Frisco Police Department will not usually offer further comment on cases that are this sensitive in nature, we would like the public to know that the child in this case is safe and staying at a safe location.” At the time of the statement, Kelly and her children were hiding in a hotel from a gun-carrying, angry social media mob who had been given her home address.

Multiple medical providers, including pediatricians, hospitals, and the Department of Child Protective Services (CPS) have all ruled numerous times, after multiple medical examinations, that there is no evidence of any sexual abuse or neglect, nor evidence to support other outrageous claims made by Michael or his self-produced, heavily edited videos.

Experts believe that Michael Long’s actions form a textbook example of “parental alienation” – a type of child abuse in which he has consistently used psychological manipulation to turn the children against the other parent.

“Sophie’s mother, Kelly Long, has endured years of abuse from this unstable, self-serving individual and we look forward to a day very soon when she can hold her babies safely in her arms again,” said a family spokesperson.

Press Contacts:

Kelcey Kintner

Matthew Carswell