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Amid its US trade focus, Britain is forgetting about its powerful investor—Japan

Lianna Brinded
Head of Yahoo Finance UK
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    When I bought my Villa in Spain it was 157 Euro to the pound. 7/8 Years ago it was One for One at some exchanges. May I remind you that at this point in History we were not even thinking of a referendum never mind Brexit. The moment it was announced that we were to have a referendum the pound increased to 135 Euros. It had been around 120 Euro to the pound. The reason for the increase at that time was the overwhelming expectation of a Remain Vote. In truth the pound is 10 Euro higher than 2012 and 10 Euro lower than 2016. The pound has lost a third of it's value since we refused to join the Euro and we have been an EU Member for all of that time. Stop blaming Brexit and get your facts right!!!
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    What I want to know is when will the pound return to 1.35euro as it was at the of day of the referendum or is being poor apart of Brexit.
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    Maybe Lianna didn't read that China wants a "top notch" free trade deal with the UK after Brexit. So that's the US and China. So far...
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    Ooo Blah Dee
    Since the Brexit vote, the EU has proven themselves to be just what Brexit voters feared and Stay voters denied.
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    May knows that the UK will have to accept what the EU offer. There is no sensible economic alternative and she knows it. What she says is political speak and is trying desperately to get a deal she can sell to everyone.
    That's not possible and the Brexits know it but can't do a thing about it as they don't have the numbers.
    What will be interesting is what Labour does. If it's the deal they are always on about, and that's a deal close to the EU. then they could support it. But if it's not and in any event they want to bring the Tory Government down then they will vote against it and elections follow.
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    Darren W
    The Japanese are a very intelligent nation, they will soon start withdrawing investment in the UK and re-investing into the EU. They will be a much bigger market than the UK, with a larger and more highly skilled workforce.
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    The brexit mob do not care about Japan or anybody else , they are true Brits and capable of absolutely anything , just one chorus of God save the Queen and everything will be just perfect
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    The worst aspect to Brexit is that the companies are being discrete as possible with their relocation into Europe to avoid attacks in the press. Most companies have formed beach heads with entities and small offices, with the eventual plan to move all but a skeleton work force to Europe. This is a disaster for the UK and will result in a much poorer country.
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    Our 'powerful investor' is forgetting that it was the UK that drove a wedge into the European bureaucracy for them to sell their cars and electronic goods, with very little quid pro quo. It was France, that bastion of free trade, that forced all video recorders from Japan to be imported through Poitier, to try and slow the business down enough that the Japanese would give up. Remember who your friends are and what goes around comes around
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    We will not have foreigners telling us how to mess up our economy! Just wait until Jackson Rees Mogg and Bojo hear about this.
    Dame Vera Lynne would turn in her grave if she thought the UK was surrendering to Japan and Germany after 60 years!
    And we will get blue passports once we have independence!
    Viva la Brexit, viva la Brexit I hear the crowds cry!!!!