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AMIH’s Telehealth Platform Tackles Employer and Special Interest Groups Across the Nation

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Portfolio Entity, Epiq MD announces the Launch of Commercial Division – Bringing affordable healthcare solutions to millions of uninsured and underinsured U.S. residents via Employer Groups

Plano, Texas, Oct. 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- American International Holdings Corp. (OTCQB: AMIH), a diversified holding company that develops, acquires and operates technology-based health and wellness companies, today announced its subsidiary EPIQ MD, has launched its Commercial Division that will target small and medium sized businesses (SMB’s) as well as municipalities in its coverage areas, including Alaska, Georgia, Illinois and Texas, which collectively represent a market size of an approximate 950,000 entities. Operations will be managed from the Company’s headquarter offices in Plano, Texas and will encompass a client-friendly, no obligation analysis as part of its general sales process.

Epiq MD has made clear its mission of bringing healthcare solutions to the 80 plus million uninsured and underinsured, hardworking U.S. residents who have been left behind by ever increasing medical costs. In order to better accommodate this mandate, Epiq MD believes working with employer groups has potential to be one of the absolute best courses of action. “As stated in my open letter to shareholders a few months back, Epiq MD will quickly become our flagship entity and this development is evidence of that. I continue to remain thrilled about what our team is doing and how the entity is going to positively impact our shareholder value over the long-term”, stated AMIH Chairman and CEO, Mr. Jacob Cohen.

Regarding Epiq MD’s relevance in the commercial sector, the company’s CEO, Mr. Alejandro Rodriguez, states “perhaps the greatest lesson learned the past eighteen months has been the value of a sound mind and body; to the extent that people spend decades of their lives in the workplace, it’s only right that businesses become genuinely concerned with the quality of life, mental health and general wellness and wellbeing of its employees”. Rodriguez further stated, “some industries such as retail or service have been in desperate need of fundamental change in employee care for a long time now. Employee value is at the forefront of these industries; however, millions still lack affordable primary care. And I think we are at the beginning of a change in the landscape, where these topics and programs are getting a higher priority and not just at the Fortune 1000 level.”

Epiq MD’s service options include Primary Care, Mental Health, Life Coaching, Prescription Discount Programs and Ask-a-Medical-Expert. Employers can opt for customized branded solutions, create specialized services with a heavy focus in a specific area such as mental health or chronic disease management. Employers also have the benefit of taking advantage of Epiq MD’s specialized content. According to a 2018 report, 50% of individuals with employer sponsored insurance say they have declined or postponed getting healthcare and prescription drugs because of cost. Epiq MD believes that it can aid in not only improving that percentage, but the quality of life for many as well. “Approximately 30% of all working (nonelderly) Americans decline the health insurance offered to them by their employer; moreover, half of all working Americans are employed in low-wage jobs, making it extremely difficult to afford health insurance. Employers can use our platform to help alleviate much of this stress for their employees”, stated COO, Mr. Verdie Bowen.

“I invite all of our shareholders that own small and medium businesses to reach out and give our portfolio entity the opportunity to make a difference in your business”, stated Jacob Cohen. Epiq MD has provided more information available on its website: https://epiqmd.com/Employers, along with an inquiry form to schedule a free no-obligation analysis to better evaluate the positive impact that Epiq MD can have on your business. The company believes that this approach will allow decision makers and business owners to evaluate a multifaceted value proposition that can be realized from Epiq MD’s health and wellness platform. According to one case study by Forrester Research, a company increased productivity by 14% and saved over $6 million in healthcare cost over a three-year period.

Chairman and CEO Jacob Cohen further states, “I consider Epiq MD in many ways the tip of the spear for the AMIH strategy of creating a portfolio of synergistic entities. Epiq MD encompasses so many touch points across the healthcare supply chain and all the way to where consumers live, that is providing us valuable insight from a great vantage point. I believe that this experience will provide an advantage for the AMIH investing and acquisition strategy as a whole.”

Epiq MD’s services can be accessed at its website; www.epiqmd.com, by email at enroll@epiqmd.com or by calling its call center at 1-(844)-8-EPIQ MD, or 844-837-4763. Get all the latest news and developments by following Epiq MD on social media outlets: Facebook, Instagram or Linked-In.

About EPIQ MD, Inc.
EPIQ MD believes that everyone deserves to live an epic life. It is the convergence of primary medical and mental health care, preventative care and wellness programs - on one digital platform, in a single offering. Conceived as a digital telemedicine-based business from the start, its core mission is to bring these services and knowledge to the 80 million Americans who are uninsured or underinsured. Its telemedicine platform provides services such as primary care, medical advisory, ask a medical expert, mental health services, discounted diagnostic lab services, prescription discount program, nutritional counseling and much more. Today Epiq MD is active and operational in Alaska, Georgia, Illinois and Texas. For more information, please contact us at media@epiqmd.com or by phone at 1-844-8 EPIQ MD. EPIQ MD, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of American International Holdings Corp. (AMIH).

About American International Holdings Corp.
American International Holdings Corp. (OTCQB: AMIH) is an investor, developer and asset manager of diversified, synergistic health and wellness businesses. Today, the AMIH portfolio encompasses telemedicine and other virtual health platforms, affordable subscriber-based primary care and concierge medicine plans, preventative care solutions and wellness related assets such as mental & behavioral health services, as well as its own proprietary life coaching platform. AMIH markets its various services through direct-to-consumer and business-to-business distribution channels. AMIH’s focus is on bringing to market technologies and solutions that advance the quality of life for the global community.

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