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Amity Enables Companies to Build Social+ Applications

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / March 28, 2022 / In an increasingly socially distant world, Amity, a scaleup hailing from Bangkok, Thailand, has captured the opportunity to service companies by turning their apps from individual to social, single player to multiplayer, and company-centric to community-centric. Their flagship platform, Amity Social Cloud, enables seamless integration of social features into apps and digital platforms, transforming them into social+ products. This shift saves both time and money for businesses looking to invest in their relationship with customers and create better in-app experiences.

But what exactly makes social+ products so different? Aside from creating engaging social experiences, social+ companies have a unique and proprietary social graph. Building a product on top of an existing centralized social graph like Facebook might be enticing, but the data and network always belong to them, not you. For a social+ product to succeed, it needs a social graph that is purpose-built for that product experience whether that is watching a sports match, playing online games, or attending a yoga class. Ultimately, companies need to own their community, which, in the long-term, gives them better defensibility.

COO and Co-founder of Amity, Francesca Gargaglia, comments on the importance of this shift:

"We live in an age where people want to belong somewhere, anywhere. That's why social features are so important, because they give a space for people to connect, not only superficially, but also on a deeper level that is based on interest, trust, and genuine engagement. This transition is not only going to revolutionize our experiences with digital products but also ultimately decide which brands and businesses we interact with."

The power of digital communities

Just one look at their website and Amity makes it clear that their products are built for just about every industry and application, from fintech to fitness to e-commerce and beyond. For companies in all industries, the benefits are crystal clear: The more people can connect and communicate with others in an app, the more businesses can benefit from increased engagement and retention.

The implications of Amity's product offerings are as tangible as it gets - In a recent survey, the company revealed that almost three-quarters (72%) of the people polled said they would be more likely to return to a brand that creates a strong digital community, while almost two-thirds (63%) acknowledged that they are more likely to buy from a company that leverages engaging social features on its app. Therefore, social+ isn't just a shortcut to greater engagement and a better bottom line, but a shift in customer experience that keeps people coming back for more. By turning seemingly basic services into community experiences, social+ products also allow companies to tailor their approach to customers by analyzing what people truly want. The result - a more horizontal relationship between service providers and users, yielding better traction and results.

Amity is well aware of the challenges of succeeding in a competitive market such as the technology sector. CEO and Founder, Korawad Chearavanont, touches on the importance of digital communities and how companies are now adapting to this new social+ landscape:

"Businesses across different industries have come to realize that it takes more than just ads and promotions to engage and retain users. What companies truly need to understand is what their customers want and what their pain points are. By striving to create community-driven products through social features, our clients are able to increase the excitement that customers feel when interacting with an app, whatever that app may be, and generate a more rewarding user experience."

There are still many industries that have not yet had their social moment. However, since the benefits of digital communities far outweigh the costs, businesses are now looking towards innovative solutions. One example of this is TrueID (Thailand's leading entertainment platform), which, by partnering with Amity, were able to transform their media app into an interactive lifestyle hub, allowing users to chat during live streams, connect with like-minded people in groups, and much more. Most importantly, with the capabilities of Amity Social Cloud, TrueID gave their users the opportunity to feel part of a greater community - people were given an incentive to stay in the app without having to switch to a social media platform for the same purposes, all thanks to the help of social features.

Digital communities are becoming more important than ever, and businesses that don't adapt to this new social+ landscape will quickly find themselves left behind. Through its suite of products, Amity is leading the charge in helping companies create engaging and community-driven experiences for their users. By utilizing Amity Social Cloud, businesses can tap into the power of social+ for faster growth, increased engagement, better retention, and stronger defensibility.

Media Contact: Kathy Robinson

Email: contact@knightsbridgepr.com

SOURCE: Amity Co.

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