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AmpliFi Announces Newest Products for 2022 Along with Its Multi-Year Roadmap

Panama City, Panama--(Newsfile Corp. - October 19, 2022) - AmpliFi, a blockchain-based passive income protocol, has announced the release of its multi-year roadmap. Along with the September 30, 2022 roadmap reveal, AmpliFi has announced two new products, Treasury Bonds and Transistors. Both are aligned with the company's goal of maximizing yield opportunities in DeFi and flowing this value back to AmpliFi's long-term holders. One of AmpliFi's founders recently spoke at a DeFi education seminar for students interested in the cryptocurrency space to discuss their latest innovations.

As AmpliFi prepares for multiple additional upcoming speaking events and podcast appearances, the company is focused on educating the DeFi space on the release of the new products. AmpliFi is also excited to announce its first centralized exchange listing on Bitmart. This is a big step in allowing less DeFi-native users to acquire #AMPLIFI tokens.

Transistors are a structured product for smaller #AMPLIFI token holders to earn competitive yield with the flexibility to exit the product if they haven't yet claimed rewards. Because of this, Transistors can be thought of as a more liquid variation of AmpliFi's existing products. Users can earn competitive native yield at a third the price of a traditional Amplifier. These are essentially mini-Amplifiers, created using 6 #AMPLIFI tokens (compared to 20 for Amplifiers) and earn a yield of 128% APY.

Like Amplifiers, Transistors earn intrinsically-backed native yield in perpetuity. As Transistors are subject to a 10.5% logarithmic claim decay, with each claim they retain 89.5% of their previous yield. They can also be reversed (sold back to the protocol) if the owner has not yet executed a claim, as mentioned above.

Treasury Bonds (coming soon) will allow users to acquire the company's most popular structured product, Amplifiers, without the need to purchase the native #AMPLIFI token and incur price inefficiencies. These will enable a smoother stream of Amplifier acquisition that also more effectively grows AmpliFi's operational budget and Ethereum validator fund.

Users will soon be able to acquire Amplifiers in an automated OTC (over-the-counter) manner, without needing to purchase the native token and incur associated acquisition taxes (presently 3%) or slippage. Bonded Amplifiers have multiple additional benefits, such as the convenience of bonding with several blue-chip assets and avoiding claim or time decay over the 30-month lifespan.

AmpliFi's September 30th roadmap announcement revealed several new directions for the company, including:

- Options vaults that will allow AmpliFi to offer holders yield through blockchain-based options strategies like covered calls, strangles, and more.

- Looping strategies that will enable AmpliFi to leverage existing DeFi yield strategies for higher returns through a series of "looped" borrowing efforts.

- AmpliFi's money market module will allow DeFi users to permissionlessly lend and borrow their crypto assets.

- Through cross-chain validator acquisition, AmpliFi will support the security of alternative layer-one blockchains while flowing the returns back to native #AMPLIFI holders.

- AmpliFi's re-fusing incentives will be an effort to drive additional demand within the AmpliFi ecosystem, such that long-term users will be incentivized to renew their participation in a structured product.

Christopher Silk, co-founder of AmpliFi, has a background in law but has transitioned full time into cryptocurrency and DeFi. Since then, he has helped advise other DeFi projects, contributed thought leadership in the space, and produced web3 content across a variety of mediums. After learning first-hand about the fatal flaws of existing DeFi passive income projects, he and his co-founder sought to do better. "We took the best parts of each existing project and incorporated them with slight modifications," says Silk. "We then spent months brainstorming and modeling out solutions to solve for the sustainability and tokenomics issues of these past projects. Out of it, AmpliFi was born as the first decentralized crypto annuity - offering perpetual yield to DeFi users through a variety of internal and external revenue sources."

Silk and his team are pleased about the release of these new products as well as the company roadmap. "In five years, we plan to have built out a robust ecosystem of DeFi modules," he says. "Those who achieve long-term success are driven by transparency, consistency, and most importantly, a customer-first mindset. This has been and will continue to be the north star for AmpliFi."

AmpliFi is a blockchain-based passive income protocol that was founded to make earning crypto passive income as simple as possible, for both DeFi-natives and crypto newcomers. Products include single-sided staking, Transistors, Amplifiers, Fused Amplifiers, and much more in the works.

Website: https://perpetualyield.io/
Email: info@perpetualyield.io
Contact: Christopher Silk

To view the source version of this press release, please visit https://www.newsfilecorp.com/release/141107