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AMTD Calvin Choi: face up to difficulties, brave the winds and waves

·3 min read

HONG KONG, Feb. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- A few days ago, Calvin Choi, the Chairman and CEO of AMTD Group, Vice President of China Youth Entrepreneurs Association, and Vice Chairman of Greater Bay Area Common Home Youth Charity Fund, published a signed article in "Ta Kung Pao" to share AMTD's development path.

In the era of the new economy, under the global epidemic of COVID-19, how can companies survive and remain competitive? In Mr.Calvin Choi's opinion, embracing the development of the Greater Bay Area and enhancing technological innovation will become the elements of Hong Kong's future development prospects. Young people in Hong Kong must have creative and innovative thinking, but also have the courage to take responsibility, stand firm in their ideals, grasp the nettle and brave the Winds and Waves

In recent years, AMTD Group has grown from a small local licensed institution in Hong Kong to a comprehensive enterprise covering investment banking, digital finance, asset management, insurance brokerage and other financial fields, as well as education, real estate, professional services and other fields. AMTD International (NYSE: HKIB/SGX: HKB), an investment banking platform, is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and SGX. It is also the largest independent investment bank in Asia. Among them, AMTD has established a deep influence in the field of regional banks in China. In the past four years, AMTD has taken the lead in participating in almost all regional banks' Hong Kong stock and overseas preferred stock issuance projects. AMTD also took the lead in listing leading regional banks and jointly established the "Regional Bank+" strategic alliance to explore the digital development and internationalization of China's regional banks.

Mr.Calvin Choi recalled that around 2000, after Hong Kong returned to the motherland, as the first batch of Hong Kong youths who went northward, they were deeply involved in the restructuring, development and innovation of China's banking industry, and deeply felt the great achievements of China's financial reform. Mr.Calvin Choi have always been very optimistic about the innovation development potential of China's regional banks, especially the efforts and achievements of leading regional banks in financial technology innovation. Under Mr.Calvin Choi's leadership, AMTD has strategically invested in Qingdao Bank (03866), ZHONGYUAN Bank (01216) and Jiangxi Bank (01916). As the first Hong Kong-funded non-bank financial institution to invest heavily in regional banks in China, it is the industry leader They have established a deep cooperative relationship.

Looking to the future, AMTD will focus its efforts on the deployment of full digital financial licenses to create a comprehensive platform connecting the Bay Area and ASEAN. As a result, AMTD has recently successfully reduced some of its shares in Qingdao Bank, and has allocated funds to fully attack the acquisition and merger opportunities in the digital financial sector in Asia. After the reduction, AMTD remains an important shareholder of Qingdao Bank, ranking one of the five largest shareholders.

Mr.Calvin Choi deeply understand that the spirit of entrepreneurs is the driving force behind the sustainable development of enterprises. In the past few years, Mr.Calvin Choi have encountered countless opportunities, as well as countless challenges and difficulties. He said, "In particular, I have encountered many things that have been questioned and incomprehensible by the outside world. What is more, there are those who envy and jealous, and those who are cold-eyed and mockers, and malicious There are slanderers. However, entrepreneurs must insist that development is the last word, persist in dare to try, dare to be the first to lead reform and breakthrough with thought-breaking ice, keep upright and innovate, forge ahead courageously, adhering to the spirit of the predecessors under the Lion Rock, and firmly building the property of Hong Kong A century-old shop of this generation."


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