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Analyst Opinion on Carnival plc and priceline.com Inc. - Cruise Ship Market Regaining Some Strength

LONDON--(Marketwire - Nov 12, 2012) - Recent news coming in from companies involved in the cruise ship market, such as Carnival plc and priceline.com Incorporated, indicates that the industry could be sailing into fairer weather. The recession was challenging for those offering cruises and those selling cruise trips, as pennywise consumers drastically cut down on discretionary spending. See what our analysts have to say on priceline.com Incorporated. Follow the Link below


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Furthermore, the grounding of a cruise ship in January and subsequent bad press constituted an unexpected headwind as passenger confidence declined. Nevertheless, travelers seem to be regaining their sea legs and although Europe's economic lows remain a drag, in the third quarter a number of cruise ship companies seem to have enjoyed improved results. Analyst opinion on Carnival plc accessible for free at


Efficient cost containment measures, strategic pricing, fuel conservation initiatives and other enhancements have played a large part in helping industry players achieve improved results. Some companies also reported higher on board spending, which is indicative of higher consumer confidence among travelers.

A number of companies operating in the cruise ship market have also recently announced plans to construct new ships or make significant enhancements to their existing fleet. The industry is highly competitive so improving one's offerings is key to maintaining market share; however, it is important that the industry capacity balance not be upset.

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