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Analyst Opinion on Hawaiian Holdings Inc. and Alaska Air Group Inc. - A Delicate Balancing Act for Regional Airlines

LONDON--(Marketwire - Nov 6, 2012) - Regional airlines, such as Hawaiian Holdings Inc. and Alaska Air Group Inc., enjoyed lower fuel costs towards the end of the third quarter. However, some anticipate that slower growth could curb the fourth quarter as demand began to slow in September. The end of the third quarter saw lower traffic and profits due to weak business travel demand; although, fare hikes helped to offset this somewhat. Discount carriers seem to once again be on top as they benefit from their low-cost structure and some profit from expansion into new markets.

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While headwinds remain, higher efficiency, improved supply-and-demand balance and consolidations are expected to aid the industry moving forward. Earlier this month the International Air Transport Association increased its global airlines profit forecast by a third to $4.1 billion, but it stated that the industry remains at risk with low margins. See what our analysts have to say on Alaska Air Group Inc. Follow the Link below


Airlines' fourth quarter financials have now been thrown an added curve ball in Sandy. Following the hurricane's attack, New York' airports have all now reopened albeit operating under reduced schedules. An estimated 20,000 flights were canceled due to the superstorm and some expect its monetary impact on individual airlines to range from $25 to $45 million. Analyst opinion on Hawaiian Holdings Inc. accessible for free at


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