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Analyst Opinion on Owens-Illinois Inc. and Packaging Corp. of America - Packaging and Containers Mixed in the Third Quarter

LONDON--(Marketwire - Nov 8, 2012) - The packaging and containers industry, within which Owens-Illinois Inc. and Packaging Corp. of America operate, faced certain headwinds in the third quarter. However, some bright spots remain.

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The recessionary situation in Europe continues to constitute a major challenge for many in the industry as demand and volumes in the region declined. For companies with global operations, like Owens-Illinois, a strong dollar and subsequent unfavorable foreign currency translation also ate into revenue this quarter. Analyst opinion on Owens-Illinois Inc. accessible for free at

Many saw their expenses increase due to higher labor and benefit costs, as well as rises in manufacturing and delivery expenses. See what our analysts have to say on Packaging Corp. of America. Follow the Link below

Nevertheless, some industry players were successful in fueling volume growth outside of Europe and improved pricing and favorable product mix went some way to offsetting currency exchange headwinds.

Furthermore, improved efficiency, minimized energy, recycled fiber and chemical costs helped some companies to contain rising costs. Others seem to be focusing on acquisitions as a way into new geographies and markets. While the potential for growth via strategic acquisitions is huge, concerns remain regarding the highly leveraged state which can ensue.

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