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Analyst Opinion on SandRidge Energy Inc. and Noble Corp. - Drillers Working to Secure Funding

LONDON--(Marketwire - Nov 8, 2012) - Most gas and oil drillers continue to ramp up efforts to increase rig and well counts as demand and pricing remain relatively favorable. The challenge now for companies in the industry, which includes SandRidge Energy Inc. and Noble Corp., is maintaining funding levels to sustain these expansion efforts. 

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A still struggling global economy has frozen some of the funding that would otherwise be an afterthought. Several energy outfits may now be overextended and will need to readjust their strategies or look to alternative sources for funding. Investors may want to look past announcements for new operations and more closely at how drillers plan or have secured the capital for such efforts. Analyst opinion on SandRidge Energy Inc. accessible for free at

The other major risks for drillers lie in pricing and demand. Oil heavy operations continue to be much better positioned than their natural gas rich counterparts. However, oil prices have proven to be much more volatile throughout the year and could become a growth obstacle down the road. See what our analysts have to say on Noble Corp. Follow the Link below

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