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Analyst Review on GEO Group and Brink's Co. - Security & Protection Services Companies Mixing Things Up

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - Nov 14, 2012) - Today's Free Analyst Review - The GEO Group Inc. ( NYSE : GEO ) and The Brink's Company ( NYSE : BCO )

The security and protection services industry, which includes companies such as The GEO Group Inc. and The Brink's Company, has been facing a broad range of challenges of late. While operations within the industry are diverse, companies have been facing some common hurdles. Street-Wire.com posted free reports on The GEO Group Inc. and The Brink's Company which are available at

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Several companies have been reporting sliding quarterly revenues in their most recent reports. The shaky economy has led some companies lower, and with no immediate end to economic strife in sight, the industry could be in for a subdued 4th quarter. Companies with international operations have also been up and down, as currency fluctuations and uneven demand have led to lower international results from some areas. Our financial analysis on Brink's can be accessed at

The industry is not taking the trying times lying down though. Several companies have been implementing restructuring and cost-cutting measures, while others have been branching out into new fields. Companies that can best navigate the current economic conditions while still adapting for the future could outperform their peers moving forward. GEO Group financial analysis available at

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