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Analyst: Here are the tech deals to find on Black Friday

Black Friday is a little more than a month away, and deal trackers are already anticipating great sales for bargain-hunters.

Janice Lieberman, a consumer analyst at DealNews, says Black Friday is a great time of year to get a television. She predicts a low-end 60” TV to be on sale for as low as $360, and a 40” TV on sale for as low as $100. “For another $20 or $30, you can get a brand name one,” she said. 

She also recommends looking for deals that include gift cards, especially if it’s a store you shop at frequently. Best Buy and Target have offered Black Friday gift card deals in the past.

“The stores want you in the store,” Lieberman said. “That’s what gets you buying other things, so the prices are cheap, cheap, cheap.”

Lower-end laptops are good buys on Black Friday too. Chromebooks could go for as low as $99, and some brandname laptops could go for as low as $300. Don’t expect to find huge deals on MacBooks or high-end laptops though.

“If you miss out on Black Friday for laptops, don’t worry,” Lieberman said. “Wait for the next model to be introduced because the older models will come down in price. And if you miss that, you can wait until next September when it’s back-to-school, and you will see prices drop.”

As for phones, you’ll get a better deal on Androids than on iPhones, especially if you shop online. Online retailers tend to offer more deals than brick-and-mortar stores, according to Lieberman.

If you’re devoted to iPhones, Lieberman offered a few tips to get a little more bang for your buck and said you might be able to find an iPhone 8 with a $250 gift card.

“iPhones are so hot, but unfortunately they don’t come down in price all that much. First of all, we don’t recommend going to an Apple store to buy one. Buy them online or at a Best Buy because they will give you some sort of discount.”

Galaxy S8s will be cheaper than iPhones, and you may be able to find one for $350, and you could get a gift card.