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ANEX Tour Discloses the Purchase of a 6.71 Per Cent Stake in Thomas Cook

ANTALYA, Turkey, Aug. 2, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Mr. Neset Kockar, chairman of Turkish Tour Operator ANEX Tour disclosed the purchase of a 6.71 per cent stake in the Thomas Cook, saying:

"Thomas Cook is a well-established and a highly respected competitor and their space in the tourism industry is unique. We believe Thomas Cook has more value and potential than what has been discussed recently, particularly with the skillset and complementary capabilities ANEX Tour shall put forward. As such, we are keen to explore further the potential strategic initiatives related to Thomas Cook and engage with the relevant stakeholders.

"Going forward, we shall make further announcements, as appropriate and necessary."

About Anex Tour:

ANEX Tour has been a driving force in the tourism industry since its establishment in 1996.

ANEX Tour is offering end-to-end travel experience, combining transportation, accommodation, and various destination services including excursion and other holiday products for its customers.

Due to its innovative vision and sense of quality, ANEX Tour is also one of the captains of the industry on the international platform. ANEX Tour is a leading company with operations in 48 countries and own offices in 18 countries; having served 4,000,000+ guests annually for the past 24 years, with a headcount of 6,500+.