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Angeles Psychology Group Provides a New Alternative to Healthcare with Mental Health Membership Model

Company's focus is on providing Holistic Psychological Healing and Wellness in a manner that is as easy as a gym membership

LOS ANGELES, May 9, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Angeles Psychology Group, a company on a mission to bring therapy to those whose insurance doesn't cover it or who can't afford it, announced today the launch of its new "Membership Platform" for individual, couple, adult family, and group mental health services.

The company, founded by Neil Schierholz PsyD, a licensed psychologist, aims to make it easier for individuals in the Los Angeles area to obtain treatment without the restrictions placed upon them by insurance companies.

"Our concept is very simple: Members pay a flat fee that allows them to tailor their treatment sessions as needed. This eliminates the financial constraints and restrictions imposed on the patient by insurance companies including the number of visits allowed and length of each session. The current healthcare model isn't working. Psychotherapy is a labor-intensive process that insurance companies don't like to pay for and tend to restrict resulting in poorer patient care. We think this is just unacceptable," explained Neil Schierholz PsyD.

The company has piloted their program for several months and say they have received a great response from patients who couldn't previously afford to receive treatment.

"We're working to dramatically disrupt the model of delivering mental health services. Shouldn't paying for your mental health care be as simple as paying for your gym membership?" added Katherine Smith MA, Associate Marriage and Family Therapist with Angeles Psychology Group.

The National Alliance on Mental Illness states that approximately 10.2 million adults have co-occurring mental health and addiction orders and of that number, nearly 60% did not receive mental health services in the past year.

"We are offering custom-designed, holistic therapy with all-inclusive pricing and no insurance co-pays or additional fees. We want to give even more people, especially those in a middle-income bracket who tend to slip through the cracks, access to high-quality mental health treatment," stated Brennan Jung MA, another therapist in the group practice.

For more information or to become a member, please visit https://www.AngelesPsychologyGroup.com.

Media Contact: Jennifer Pfister, Ambassador of New Business
Email: JenniferPfister(at)AngelesPsychologyGroup.com
Tel. (717) 756-4088

Company Contact: Neil Schierholz PsyD, Founder and Licensed Psychologist
Email: DrSchierholz(at)AngelesPsychologyGroup.com