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Anheuser-Busch Wants In On The Seltzer Game

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At this point, everyone knows the Claw Is The Law, as the popularity of hard seltzers skyrocketed this summer. And now seemingly everyone is scrambling to give you a buzz with their bubbles. Bubbling Up Just in case you haven’t been having a proper Hot Girl/Hot Boy Summer, hard seltzers typically combine vodka, carbonated water and fruit flavoring, giving you all the ABV of a beer with fewer calories and carbohydrates, so you can still flex for the ‘Gram. The entire hard seltzer industry saw a 200% boost this year, and White Claw is the drink du jour for college kids. Sam Adams, MillerCoors and Constellation Brands have all introduced their own seltzers, and now the King of Beers wants to make up for a previous bad buzz. Natty Lightyears Anheuser-Busch is best known, at least on college campuses, for Bud Light and Natural Light, and the company is bringing the same “keep it cheap” philosophy to the seltzer game. The company wiffed with a previous attempt to market their hard seltzer Bon & Viv to women, but it’s giving it another shot, with plans to introduce Natural Light Seltzer later this month. True to the Bud spirit, it will cost about 20% less than White Claw and Truly, or about a dollar less for a twelve pack, and give a bit more buzz for the buck, going up to 6% alcohol by volume, as opposed to The Claw’s 5% ABV. Second Time Bon & Viv had 7.4% of all hard seltzer sales this year, and underwent reformulating when sales remained flat. White Claw dominates the market with 54% of sales, followed by Truly at 29%. Sales of hard seltzer totaled $515 million so far, about 3% of the total beer market. So it's a small category, but a growing one, especially as the popularity of seltzer moves off campuses. -Michael Tedder Photo via https://www.anheuser-busch.com