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Anna Faris gets candid in her 'Unqualified' memoir

Philip Louie

Actress Anna Faris visited BUILD Series and spoke candidly about writing her hilarious new memoir, "Unqualified," which contains advice and life lessons from her past experiences. Faris also touched a bit on her appreciation for playing Christy Jolene Plunkett in the CBS sitcom "Mom," which will celebrate its 100th episode early next year.

Writing the memoir was emotionally cathartic for Faris. She mentioned that she grew up lonely and utilized her roles as an actress as an escape. She explained that the notion of loneliness is a common insecurity that most people face in life.

"We're all are sort of lonely or like you know essentially kids at one point in our lives that we're trying to fit in, I have a chapter called "I was short, what were you?," which was like sort of the defining factor of your identity at a crucial age in your life and it just took me awhile to realize that of course, everyone has experienced the idea of attempting to fit in, attempting to make a human connection, [and] to feel loved."

Overall Faris felt that her podcast, also titled "Unqualified," and writing the book has been beneficial for her in recognizing those ideas and it gave her a "lot of comfort in a way."

In respect to the actual writing process for the book, Faris declared that "it was incredibly difficult. Like I was saying earlier, there was always an escape with [playing] a character and this feels like 'Oh...oh yeah, these are my embarrassing stories.'"

The raw details are laid out with stories such as her insecurities with being the "short girl," and the guys she's slept with. Collectively as a whole they were "incredibly embarrassing stuff" that was "hard for me to repeat," confessed Faris.

"I'm really proud but it also feels vulnerable. The goal, I guess is that I just hope that people would read it and feel like a connection like 'Oh, I was that person too!' or just simply 'Oh, we're not alone. We have a lot of the same troubles.'," the actress explained.

Besides what she deemed to be unqualified advice in her tell-all, you can also look forward to Faris being back for season 5 of "Mom." She gushed about her Emmy-winning co-star Allison Janney, and shared what she admired about the show.

"I drive to work happy everyday because I get to see her and annoy her. I'm like 'Allison. Allison. Allison. Hey, are you napping? ... Hi! Wait, it's me ... hi!' And it's like, I love her so much! I feel unbelievably fortunate to get to work with my best friend." Faris added that Janney is a "supportive and incredible" co-star and hoped that she "can be the same in return with her."

Expect the two and the rest of the cast of "Mom" to continue to entertain audiences and share laughs this season while confronting key issues.

"I am really proud we have a comedy which we are tackling issues like addiction, being a single mom, poverty, and sort of general life struggle, in this comedic form. I think that's given us such a loyal viewership. It's remarkable how we can incorporate all these serious themes and then be able to laugh through the pain," Faris concluded.

You can pick up your copy of "Unqualified" by Anna Faris in bookstores and on Amazon now and be sure to tune in to "Mom" which returns for its fifth season, Thursday, November 2nd at 9pm on CBS!