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Anna Faris is all of us when it comes to New Year's resolutions (and heels)

Raechal Shewfelt
Editor, Yahoo Entertainment
Anna Faris visits AOL’s Build Series NYC. (Photo: Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images)

People find Anna Faris relatable — it’s one of her charms — but one thing the actress can’t relate to is struggling with New Year’s resolutions.

“Oh, God, I gave up on New Year’s resolutions a long time ago,” she tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “Because I couldn’t keep them for, like, more than three days.”

She makes a good case, because most people can’t keep their vow to, say, hit the gym every single day, or eat only vegetables for a year.

“It feels like we’re bound to fail if we put so much pressure on ourselves,” she says. “Like, maybe we should start to do an opposite thing. Like, this year, you know, I’m going to eat more ice cream sundaes. On Sunday. And then I’ll eat Kind bars the rest of the week.”

Faris can make that one happen, for sure. She’s working with the brand to promote its new protein bar. But she adds that she’s eaten its products for about three years. Part of her pitch includes a funny video for Funny or Die in which she reads abysmal reviews people have given other protein bars.

The Mom star says she likes to eat a lot of burgers and pizza, but that she reaches for Kind bars when she wants a healthy snack — or at least one that tastes better than, according to one review she reads, “hyena crap.”

But it’s not like Faris isn’t up for setting goals for herself or trying new things. Over the New Year’s holiday, for example, the star made headlines when she officiated a wedding. And it wasn’t just what she was doing that people noticed — it was also what she was wearing while she was conducting the blessed event: Uggs.

“I was ordained, like, in 2007,” Faris explains. “I was kinda bored one night, and I was like, ‘I’m gonna become a minister. It’s a little bit weird that I’m proud that I did it a decade before I actually got asked, but so… I’ve been a minister for over a decade, and I finally got asked to marry my friends. And it was awesome!”

There was one hiccup, but groom Sim Sarna, Faris’s co-host on her Unqualified podcast, and his bride, Amy, didn’t mind.

“When it came time to exchange the rings, I completely forgot … I was supposed to do more,” Faris says. “I just said, ‘Uh, with this ring you promise to love him forever and ever and ever.’ Thankfully, my friend was just laughing and she was like, ‘Yes.’ I couldn’t remember … so I fumbled for sure. I fumbled when it came down to it. But it was great. I love them both so much. It was an awesome time, then I was completely obnoxious the whole night.”


Her choice of footwear just kind of happened. Anyone who’s ever taken off her heels at a wedding can understand. And in this case, the location featured a gravel road.

“I had these amazing nude Louis Vuitton shoes that are incredible, but I truly don’t know exactly how to walk in heels,” Faris says. “I looked unbelievably awkward, like a baby giraffe standing for the first time, so when I saw all the gravel at the vineyard, I was like, you know, maybe I’ll just wear my Uggs for now, and then maybe I’ll quickly change into them. And then, like, ‘No, they feel too good to do it.’”



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