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Announcing Anaccord's Latest: IPX66 Waterproof Outdoor PA Wall Mount Speakers Designed with an Aesthetic Appeal

The New Wall Mount Speakers are Featured at the October 2018 Hong Kong Electronic Fair & Prolight + Sound Shanghai Exhibition

XINBEI City, TAIWAN / ACCESSWIRE / October 15, 2018 / Anaccord Electronic Technology, one of the leading Taiwan and China-based manufacturers of professional audio speakers products, is pleased to announce the release of their latest audio speaker innovation: Anaccord RUBY (DC-1-B5/B6/B8), Premium RUBY Wall Mount Speakers, IPX66 Waterproof Certified Outdoor Wall Mount PA Speakers with an Aesthetic Appeal.

As a spokesperson for the wall mount speaker manufacturer noted, the RUBY Wall Mount Speakers will be available in three different specs and dimensions: DC-1-B5, B6 or B8 (5", 6.5" and 8" LF Unit).

For more information about the new PA speaker system from Anaccord, please visit https://anaccord.net/work/ruby-dc-1-b5-b6-b8-ipx66-waterproof-wall-mount-pa-speakers/.

As the spokesperson noted, the market for Wall Mount PA Speakers has always be huge. Over the years, there has been an emerging new market demand that goes beyond just the need for quality sound performance to speakers that are also lightweight, durable, easy to install and with a touch of aesthetics in the exterior design.

The RUBY Wall Mount Speaker Series is Anaccord's answer to fulfill this demand trend in the installation speakers market. The premium wall mount PA speakers have a sophisticated look and feel plus the capability to deliver impeccable music performance as well as clean and clear announcements for public address speaker systems.

Steve Ko, GM of Anaccord, who is also the "brainchild" behind RUBY Wall Mount Speakers noted that the new RUBY wall mount speakers come with the perfect balance in terms of functionality, durability and the aesthetic appeal in their construction, where they can effectively deliver the optimal sound quality and speaker performance within a sleek and modern design that can merge elegantly on any installation environment.

The RUBY IPX66 Wall Mounted Waterproof Outdoor Speakers also have some really cool "functional design" elements in place. A good example, the spokesperson noted, is the Unique Rear Covers that not only helped to cover the Euroblock Connector and Bypass Selector (PA Transformer) in the rear of the speaker, it is also designed to merge seamlessly with the OBE Bass Radiator and the overall design of Ruby Speakers giving it an extra touch of modern sophistication.

"Putting RUBY together is also super easy because every necessary part including the front grill and the elegant back covers come with a hassle free 'Snap On' design. You can say goodbye to glue based assembly," the spokesperson noted.

On top of all that, RUBY Wall Mount Speakers also comes with an Ultra Strong Stealth Speaker Mount that allows the speakers to be mounted seamlessly and elegantly to the walls of interior or exterior decor.

As for audio performance, the RUBY Wall Mount Speakers employ the exclusive Anaccord's Optimal Bass Enhancement Technology (OBE) at the OBE Bass Radiator at the rear, which works smartly with the right mix of smooth curves speaker cabinets and premium grade material with perfect tensile strength. These elements empowered RUBY Speakers to deliver an incredibly deep, clear bass and audio sound even without the support of extra subwoofer.

"We developed RUBY to redefine a new design trend for wall mount speakers market where Beauty, Durability, Performance and User Friendliness comes as a one core concept right from the initial stage of the product design," Ko said, adding that the name RUBY also represents Anaccord's passionate pursuit of Sound Purity in their audio products.

Anaccord Electronic Technology Co., Ltd, the company behind the RUBY Wall Mount Speakers, is one of the market leading audio speakers manufacturers in Taiwan and China, specializing in developing Wall Mount and In-wall, Ceiling speakers for the installation speakers market. They had spent countless hours conducting vigorous testing and prototyping for the perfect mix of design and product features for RUBY. They soft launched RUBY wall mount speakers a few months back to just a few key clients for feedback and further tweaks and had received rave reviews.

Now, Anaccord is ready to roll out a full launch of RUBY IPX66 Waterproof Outdoor Wall Mount PA Speakers to other key markets like the United States, UK, Europe, ME and Asia in the coming months, either in their Anaccord's reseller brand for or OEM/ODM partner's brands.

About Anaccord:

Anaccord is one of the market leading audio products manufacturers in Taiwan China with 30 years of combined expertise in audio products. They have helped clients across the globe including USA, Germany, Japan and parts of Asia Pacific for OEM/OEM projects with the main focus on installation speaker like Wall Mount Speakers, In-wall, ceiling speakers and PA systems, among other audio products. For more information, please visit https://anaccord.net/.


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