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Announcing A Partnership With Dupont Park Seventh Day Adventist School And Grant Funding To Launch A Healthcare Technology And Digital Storygame Course For K-12 Education

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Building the Healthcare System of Future, Today

WASHINGTON, Sept. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- LCA Vantage Healthcare (LCAV) and Lopez Foundation, Inc. is excited to announce its partnership in launch of a healthcare technology and digital storytelling game design courses focused on K-12 education. The curriculum empowers students to collaborate in developing their own digital, interactive narratives around the challenges involved in making healthy decisions.

The Lopez Foundation
The Lopez Foundation

LCAV is also proud to solidify partnerships with the Parker Foundation, Inc., Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and Lander University, focusing on integrating technology into schools, particularly through the Digital Storygame Project and continuing academic research on technology's usability and effectiveness within the classroom.

We're grateful to The White House, President Biden, and his authorization of the American Rescue Plan, which has provided federal grant funding through the US Department of Education and the US Department of Agriculture for this year's academic endeavor. We're even more thankful and excited to serve Dupont Park Seventh Day Adventist School (a Title 1 institution) and the surrounding 7th Ward community of Washington, D.C. This is an investment in our children, our families, our community, and our economic future.

The Health Technology and Digital Storygame course is slated to begin on September 15th 2021, at the Dupont Park Seventh Day Adventist School, Washington, DC, offering students in 6th-8th grades participation in a weekly course introducing students to an overview of health/wellness topics and the technology used in healthcare for administrative, clinical, and facility needs. The course will include the Digital Storygame Project, which integrates design thinking and coding for students to develop STEM skills.

"LCA Vantage and Lopez Foundation are very excited about this unique and truly impactful opportunity to teach and inspire the next group of innovators, techies, entrepreneurs, and healthcare professionals," said Vince Lopez, Founder/CEO of LCA Vantage and Lopez Foundation, Inc.

LCAV's Parker System will be used in the classroom providing real time engagement with an Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Electronic Health Record (EHR), patient care management portals. Students will learn to analyze the impact of technology on the healthcare system. They will be engaged with the Parker Tech Ecosystem which enables LCAV's hospital facilities, patients, medical professionals, and communities to provide 24/7/365 medical support, prescription drug management, and facility management.

The Lopez Foundation is committed to enriching every student's academic career through our school programs focused in Health & Technology. We believe in preparing our students for future careers in health and technology, preparing them with a modern academic and industry focused education.

About Dupont Park Seventh Day Adventist School (DPAS)

The Dupont Park Seventh Day Adventist School (DPAS) is nestled on the edge of the city in Southeast, Washington, DC, and surrounded by Fort Dupont Park, from which the school derives its name. This Christian institution is the only Seventh-day Adventist school in the nation's capital, and throughout its 103-year history, it has made a significant impact in the community and in the lives of the students who have matriculated through its hallowed halls. From this nurturing, caring environment have come generations of professionals, artist, technicians, leaders, thinkers, and doers...prepared to serve in this world while preparing for the "world to come."

DPAS is currently accepting students in grades Pre-K through 8th grade in person or virtually for the School Year 2021-2022.

About The Digital Storygame Project (DSP)

The Digital Storygame Project was founded in 2015 by Dr. Mike Sell of Indiana University of Pennsylvania and is co-led by Dr. Rachel Schiera of Lander University. The project supports Pennsylvania teachers and students in the integration of design thinking, creative coding, and complex decision-making in the English Language Arts (ELA) classroom.

At the heart of the DSP is Twine, an open-source software that enables the creation of digital, interactive storygames that resemble Choose Your Own Adventure books. Most people can learn the basics of Twine in less than 10 minutes. The challenge (and fun!) of Twine comes when students design storygames that achieve specific, rigorous, standards-based learning objectives.

The DSP doesn't train teachers in the conventional sense. Rejecting the "one size fits all" approach to technology fits all learners; the DSP uses an in-classroom workshop model that provides hands-on support to teachers and students. Teachers collaborate with DSP team members to create customized, standards-based learning plans and effective pedagogies to empower their students to design original interactive digital texts using evidence-based practices. While designed originally for the ELA classroom, we are excited to see its application in other learning areas, particularly health and nutrition.

About The Lopez Foundation, Inc.

The Lopez Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit philanthropic organization founded and headquartered in Washington, DC in July 2018. Built on a story of humble beginnings driven to reach the "American Dream" and a universal vision, to Teach, Inspire, Empower, and Lead our future generations.

The Lopez Foundation seeks to relinquish labels and stigmas within our society. To accomplish this goal, we will provide scholarships, Back-to-School supplies, summer academic camps, STEM camps, college-access programs, career planning, and much more.

We are proud to ally with many local, regional, and national partners who help us tackle our mission every day. We are committed to equipping our community with long-term benefits and fair opportunities that prepare and move our students, parents, and staff through life.

The Lopez Foundation is a qualified 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. EIN 84-3390366 Donations are Tax-Deductible.

Learn more at www.vincentlopezfoundation.org

About Parker Foundation, Inc.

The Parker Foundation, Inc. is a technology-focused 501(c)(3) nonprofit philanthropic organization founded by the Parker Family and led by Tasha Parker to improve the lives of veterans and underprivileged Americans by offering education and technology training.

The Parker Foundation, Inc. is a qualified 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. EIN 38-4165401 Donations are Tax-Deductible.

Learn more at www.parkerfoundation.care

About LCA Vantage Healthcare Corporation (LCAV)

LCA Vantage, we're an innovative technology company advancing healthcare into the next century. We offer affordable Healthcare Subscriptions which provide a full-service suite of clinical care and thru our custom-built technology products and software, we launched Parker Tech® creating a SMART Zone ecosystem, therefore enabling hospital facilities, patients, medical professionals, and communities to provide 24/7 365 medical support, prescription drug management, and facility management.

The Parker System® is a full-stack, cloud-based digitized medical product, and service created by our team. Our customizable features include Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Electronic Health Record (EHR), patient care management, prescription, drug management, computerized provider order entry (CPOE), automated coding, and billing, as well as AI and analytics for research and development. The Parker System is the only EMR and EHR system on the market that is one hundred percent FHIR compliant and is built and stored on FHIR servers. The Parker System consolidates every piece of data for individual patients, emergency services, and hospital networks under one umbrella.

At LCA Vantage, we simplify the complexities of healthcare while putting the power of choice, flexibility, and affordability back in the hands of our subscribers. We are focused on treating the whole person, not just the symptom.

Learn more at www.LCAvantage.com and www.ourparker.com

Dupont Park Seventh Day Adventist School, located in the 7th Ward of Washington, D.C.
Dupont Park Seventh Day Adventist School, located in the 7th Ward of Washington, D.C.
(PRNewsfoto/LCA Vantage Healthcare)
(PRNewsfoto/LCA Vantage Healthcare)

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