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Another of the ‘Stranger Things’: How Products, Prices Have Changed

Another of the ‘Stranger Things’: How Products, Prices Have Changed

MIAMI — July 3, 2019 — Know what’s as fascinating as Stranger Things on Netflix? Seeing how prices and products have changed since the 1980s, the era when the hit horror sci-fi series is set. It’s often like peering into an alternate dimension: You may assume that everything is more expensive now, given the reality of inflation, but that’s not always the case, says a new report from MoneyWise.com.

Just in time for the arrival of Stranger Things’ third season on July 4, MoneyWise.com has taken a close look at many of the products that are featured on the show in all their ‘80s glory.

Naturally, the list starts with Eggos, the toaster-ready waffles that are an obsession for the mysterious character Eleven, played by Millie Bobby Brown. While the boxes and the frozen waffles themselves haven’t changed much, Eggos today cost nearly double what they did during the Stranger Things days: $3.33 versus $1.80.

But other items that are part of the ST universe cost much less in the 2010s than they did in the 1980s. The 22-inch television set in the Wheelers’ living room probably set the family back $700, but today you can get a 22-inch TV for around $120.

The full story can be found here: https://moneywise.com/a/the-brands-you-saw-on-stranger-things-then-and-now

In all, 18 Stranger Things products get a then-and-now price check, including Polaroid cameras, Kentucky Fried Chicken, La-Z-Boy recliners, Hunt’s Snack Pack pudding and vinyl records. MoneyWise.com gathered pricing information from multiple sources, such as Inthe80s.com, Quora, FastFoodMenuPrices.com and Amazon.

“Watching Stranger Things, you realize just how different things are today in terms of what we buy, where we shop, and especially how much we pay,” says Doug Whiteman, MoneyWise.com editor-in-chief. “It’s almost scary.”

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