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Anthony Lynn on practicing in Colorado: A lot of scientists don’t play football

Charean Williams

The Chargers denied last week that they are moving anywhere, calling Los Angeles their home. It’s not home this week, though.

The team flew to Colorado Springs on Monday and began practicing at the Air Force Academy on Tuesday.


The Chargers play the Chiefs in Mexico City on Monday night. Mexico City is one of the highest-elevated cities in the world at 7,300 feet above sea level. Colorado Springs is 6,035 feet above sea level.

“I think it’s a little bit ease of mind for players, so it has a mental effect I believe,” Chargers coach Anthony Lynn said Tuesday, via video from the team. “But also I think it can be helpful. Going from sea level to 7,300, I didn’t feel comfortable doing that, so I think it will be helpful. I think everybody is different.

“I know research and science says it takes more days than seven or eight days, but as a player, I’ve been on that field. I’ve been in Dallas, Texas, and Wyoming the very next day, so I’ve felt the effect, so I wanted my players in come in it and practice in it for a week.”

Lynn said his personal experience drew him to take his team on the road for a week, even though scientists insist it takes longer to acclimate.

“A lot of scientists don’t play football,” Lynn said.

The Chargers had success after a week in Cleveland a year ago. They beat the Browns on the road and remained in town to practice before leaving for London to play the Titans.