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Woman finds homophobic sticker on her car: 'Someone is out here being hateful'

A driver is attempting to figure out who would place a hateful anti-LGBTQ sticker on her car in Norfolk, Virginia, that covered up her own rainbow pride sticker.

Cynthia Moore, who originally posted the offensive sticker on her Facebook page, says that the culprit didn't upset her, but she is thinking of placing even more pride stickers on her car after the incident.

Moore noticed the sticker, covering her Virginia Beer Company gay pride sticker, on Sunday morning while she was at her job at Christ and Saint Luke's Episcopal Church.

“I put my stickers on my car to let people know that I’m a safe person, and to see something on my car - it immediately made me feel uncomfortable,” Moore told WTKR.

The offending sticker read, "Misplaced pride. The Facts. Gays: 2% of the population, 33% of all child molesters, 67% of all AIDS cases, 68% have STDs, 28% of gay men will have 1000+ partners, Avg. lifespan 30 years less, 23% of children with lesbian mothers were touched sexually by parent or other adult, rape and sexual assault before age 16 strongly correlated with homosexual behavior, gay 'bug chasers' seek out HIV and spread it to unwitting partners. That's a lot to be proud of!!!"

Moore, who has been in the community for nearly a decade, was surprised that such a hateful message would be displayed so close to home.

The Norfolk Police Department told WTKR that while the sticker is offensive, it's not a proper reflection of the community. If the person who placed the sticker on Moore's car is caught, they will face a misdemeanor vandalism charge. The sticker does not constitute a hate crime as, according to Virginia law, a hate crime is "motivated by a bias against the victim's race, color, religion, or national origin."

"If you were trying to hurt my feelings, you didn't! You just pissed off a whole bunch of people," said Moore, who told WTKR she has received a lot of support after sharing the sticker on Facebook. "It definitely didn't damper my spirits... I'm getting more stickers."

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