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Antonio Brown will get paid: Fox Sports host

Kristian Dyer

Antonio Brown is already engaged in multiple legal matters and a fight for money owed to him from his most recent NFL contract might now be on the horizon.

A pending legal battle is likely looming for Brown over a $5 million bonus owed him by the New England Patriots. The bonus, which came due this past Monday, is owed to Brown despite the fact that he was cut by the team a week ago. Brown has been embroiled in a number of legal issues, including allegations last week that he sent threatening text messages to one of the women who has accused him of rape. It is just one of a handful of issues that Brown is currently facing.

Chris Broussard and Rob Parker, hosts of the nationally syndicated "The Odd Couple" show on FOX Sports Radio, had a heated discussion about whether Brown will get the bonus money owed to him. Per Brown’s contract, there is another $4 million in bonus money owed him at season’s end.

“The Patriots, no surprise, didn’t pay him the $5 million, they’re going to try not to pay him the $9 million,” Broussard said on Wednesday’s show. “And he’s obviously going to try and fight to get it which I don’t blame either side. If I were the Patriots ... I wouldn’t be paying him either.”

Parker quickly jumped in, barely letting Broussard finish.

“No. he’s going to get money. I guarantee you he’ll get money,” Parker said, adding that he would wager 10 chicken wings on the debate. His partner declined to make the bet.

Broussard pointed out the existence of not just the text messages but also the threat of a civil lawsuit from personal trainer Britney Taylor, who is alleging that the NFL star raped her. He made the point that this might be enough for the Patriots to squeak out of paying Brown his owed bonus.

Brown, signed after the Oakland Raiders released him prior to the start of Week 1, played in one game for the Patriots. Parker said the fact that Brown played for New England after they learned about the civil lawsuit helps his claim for the bonus.

The legal wrangling, Parker said, doesn’t matter because it is a civil suit and he wasn’t suspended by the commissioner while he was under contract in New England.

“Because if the Patriots cared so much about it, they could have released him the minute it came out and said that they didn’t want him. They released him on the second charge,” Parker said.

“They played this guy. You can’t use that as judgment now to say I’m not going to pay you. Why did you play him if that’s the problem?”


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