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Antonio Brown Shut Down in Attempt to Block Sports Agent From Testifying in Court

Ryan Naumann

Former NFL star Antonio Brown has lost in his attempt to block his sports agent from handing over private documents in court.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Brown’s long-time agent, Drew Rosenhaus, will have to sit for a deposition and turn over confidential communications with his client.

The date has yet to be set but Rosenhaus has 21 days to appear and be deposed.

The deposition stems from Brown’s nasty court battle with his former landlord, Vladimir Kirsanov, over a $7 million Miami condo.

Brown recently rushed to court in an attempt to block his long-time sports agent from turning over private messages in a court battle.

The landlord demanded Brown’s agent turn over documents including, “communications between you and Antonio Brown or any of his agents, attorneys or other representations, relating or pertaining to Brown’s occupancy of Unit 1402.”

Further, the landlord had been asking for “text messages emails, correspondence and voicemails, between you and any other third party relating or pertaining to the schedule for the “Organized Team Activities” for the Oakland Raiders.

Brown argued his confidential messages with Rosenhaus should stay private. He pleaded with the judge to shut down the subpoenas. The judge did not see things his way.


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Kirsanov also recently accused Brown of blowing off a deposition in the case, despite being ordered by the judge. Brown argued not to be sanctioned for missing the deposition. He wrote, “Due to a number of unforeseeable circumstances outside of Defendant’s reasonable control, including, without limitation, change in employment affecting Defendant’s ability to schedule the taking of his deposition.”

Brown and his former landlord were able to work out a deal to drop the motion for sanctions. Brown agreed to appear for a deposition on September 24 at 9:30am.

The order states if Brown fails to appear, he will risk facing sanctions.

Last year, Brown was sued by his landlord, Aqualina 1402 LLC, who leased him a $7 million oceanfront Miami condo.

The NFL star leased the luxury condo starting in February 2018. The home was furnished with “high end custom furniture such as leather couches. Silk fabric covered sofas and top of the line appliances.”

The landlord accuses Brown of leaving the home in severe damage. He said the NFL star breached the lease by “destroying, damaging, defacing the premises, as well as furnishings, appliances and other personal belongings” of the owner.

The owner said they had to spend a substantial amount on repairs. He claimed Brown refused to pay up despite demands. He sued seeking unspecified damages.

Brown fired back and countersued Aqualina 1402, along with the personal owner Vladimir Kirsanov.

He denies all allegations of wrongdoing and demanded the suit against him be dismissed.Brown says any damages caused “are solely and completely attributable to Plaintiff’s own conduct.” He claims to have tried to give the landlord replacement furniture. Brown says the owner refused to let his team back into the home.

Both cases are still ongoing.Brown said he paid all money owed on the lease, plus extra. He says he paid $140,250 to move in (three months’ rent, security deposit and a cleaning fee).

The NFL star moved out of the unit after “being the victim of a theft.” Brown sued demanding the return of his $35,000 deposit.

Brown is dealing with a separate lawsuit accusing him of sexually assaulting a personal trainer. The case was filed after his drama with the Oakland Raiders ended with the Patriots signing him, only for them to drop him last week.