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Antonio Conte couldn't stop laughing at Diego Costa's Chelsea comments

(@dchelsea89 on Twitter)

Diego Costa has not been shy in the media as of late when it comes to voicing his displeasure with Chelsea. Over the weekend, he claimed to have been treated “like a criminal,” and, in between criticisms of manager Antonio Conte and airings of past grievances, explicitly stated his desire to leave the club.

On Thursday, he followed that up with another statement. “My destiny is already set,” he said. “I must return to Atlético Madrid. It happens that there is the impasse of Chelsea not wanting to let me go. But I believe this situation will be resolved now on my return to Spain.”

On Friday, Conte was asked about Costa’s comments, and … well, have a look for yourself:

The reporter introduced his question with an itemized list of Costa’s complaints and demands. With every one, Conte became more and more incredulous.

He began looking as if he was bored out of his mind:

(@dchelsea89 on Twitter)

“He feels that he’s been treated like a criminal,” the reported said of Costa. That made the Chelsea boss crack into a smile:

(@dchelsea89 on Twitter)

“… he said he must return to Atletico Madrid …” At this point, Conte loses control:

(@dchelsea89 on Twitter)

“… He’s called on Chelsea to lower their offer …” Conte tried to compose himself.

(@dchelsea89 on Twitter)

Finally, the reporter asked, “Are you in touch with him?”

At which point Conte burst uncontrollably into laughter:

(@dchelsea89 on Twitter)

Chelsea, after losing 3-2 to Burnley on the season’s opening weekend and finishing the game with nine men, travels to Tottenham on Sunday for a London derby. The Blues will be without both Gary Cahill and Cesc Fabregas after their red cards, and neither Eden Hazard nor Timoué Bakayoko is expected to be fit enough to start.

Meanwhile, Costa remains in Brazil. He refuses to return to London until the club negotiates a transfer to Atletico Madrid.