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Anvyl Supports the Black Business Community

NEW YORK, June 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Anvyl, an Intelligent Supplier Relationship Management platform delivering visibility, automation, and predictive analytics to complex global supply chains, stands behind Black Lives Matter and has established a consulting team to help Black-owned product companies launch physical products, source suppliers and establish best practices across their supply chain.

Anvyl's founder and CEO, Rodney Manzo, has worked with leading companies to develop world-class supply chain operations, including the US Army, Apple, and Harry's. The Anvyl team, with over 100 years of experience in supply chain management, will provide expertise and a free version of their software to Black-owned businesses in order to give companies the control, automation, and visibility to successfully scale, and use their supply chain as a strategic advantage.

Anvyl has a history of supporting communities in times of need. During the Covid crisis, Anvyl served to connect hundreds of customers, including hospitals and governments, with new suppliers in order to ship millions of units of much-needed PPE, along with other critical supplies. Anvyl also produced millions of units of hand sanitizer to distribute to when it was in short supply. These types of initiatives represent the culture of the company and its employees.

"At Anvyl we stand against racism. We support and are passionate about the success of Black business owners and founders. We have the skills and resources to jump-start founders and businesses with complex supply chains to ensure their long-term success.  It is our responsibility as fellow entrepreneurs and business people to support the community when needed so everyone has an opportunity. If we can help make this happen, we would consider this a win-win," states Rodney Manzo, CEO of Anvyl. 

About Anvyl:

Anvyl's Intelligent Supplier Relationship Management Platform streamlines supply chain communication, automates workflows, and delivers real-time production analytics from order to delivery. Anvyl's digital platform delivers transparency across the supply chain, surfaces key production insights for users, and provides predictive analytics to improve operational efficiency. You can find more information and see customer examples at anvyl.com/customers.

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