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DeMarcus Cousins 'up for 2 days straight' over lack of interest before Warriors deal

DeMarcus Cousins gave a candid, defiant portrayal of his free agency experience and has some profane words for critics of his decision to join the Warriors. (Getty)

DeMarcus Cousins says he was “f – – – – d up” about being rejected by NBA teams at the start of free agency and didn’t sleep for two days before realizing the deal to join the Golden State Warriors.

Cousins gave a candid and expletive-laden account of his free-agency experience to Showtime, which posted video of his take on Wednesday.

DeMarcus Cousins lost sleep over lack of offers

“Earlier this morning, through last night, I was f – – – – d up. I was f – – – – d up,” Cousins said on a video dated July 2, the day he agreed to sign with Golden State. “I’ve been up for two days straight, honestly. I’ve been up for two days straight.”

Cousins seemed to have accepted the potentially career-altering impact of the Achilles tendon tear he suffered last season, an injury that has proven to provide a difficult path to recovery.

“We reached out to teams,” Cousins said. “Pelicans, there was no offer. I understand. A big year and you don’t want to ruin it taking a chance on a damaged player. Cool.

“We reached out to some other teams. We got answers like we don’t believe it’s a good fit, or we gotta see what we’re doing with out rosters right now. Just kind of bull – – – – answers. And then there were some that were just flat-out, we can’t take that risk.”

Boogie, as usual, not concerned about critics

A defiant Cousins was unapologetic in typical Boogie fashion for signing with Golden State and the perception that he was ring-chasing.

“I could have probably got a decent contract from a bad team, Cousins said. “But how does that help me? I’m already fighting a career-ending injury. I knew how it would be perceived from some. I don’t give a f – – – .”

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