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Anything Technologies Media Inc's Subsidiary International Sustainability Group Inc, (ISGP), Acquires, iMD Meds, Hydroponics, CBD, and Hemp Energy Protein Bar Division for 125 Million Common Shares

PLACERVILLE, CA, May 24, 2017 /PRNewswire/ - Anything Technologies Media Inc's. (EXMT) Board of Directors announced today that its subsidiary ISGP has acquired IMD Meds, Hydroponics, CBD, and Hemp Energy Protein Bar division for 125 million common shares of ISGP stock. This deal brings synergy to ISGP and more focus to IMD Companies Inc., ( ICBU). iMD can now focus all its efforts on mining and ISGP has experience and expertise in the hydroponics, CBD and energy bar business space. ISGP already has developed the AlgePro bar and the addition of the Hemp Energy NutraPro protein bars will be great synergy for ISGP

International Sustainability Group Inc., is a publicly traded company trading under the symbol (ISGP). ISGP is a wholly owned subsidiary of Anything Technologies Media Inc., (EXMT).  Now iMD can streamline its efforts and focus solely on being a mining company.  iMD feels more comfortable in registering with the SEC as a Mining company and feels the registration will be clearer for auditors and regulators. The asset value of the Krishna Mineral mine is over 700 million dollars and with the additional asset of 125 million shares of ISGP, ICBU assets are now much higher.

Benny Tillman ISGP Director stated "Both ISGP and ATM will now co-market the new Hemp Energy NutraPro and AlgePro Bars now that ISGP owns the rights to the bars. ISGP will continue to develop distribution, media, and marketing channels to enhance the exposure of the bars to all its marketing channels. This is the perfect fit to enhance ISGP."

Richard Wilson CEO of ICBU stated, "We are excited about this buyout as it brings value and synergy to ISGP and EXMT and another large asset into iMD. With the addition of 125 million shares of ISGP common shares, our assets in ICBU have grown substantially.  This buyout gives iMD the opportunity to focus all its efforts on mining."

About Anything Media Technologies, Inc.
To purchase ATM health products please visit:  www.nutraprobar.com & www.imdmeds.com
Anything Technologies Media Inc., www.anythingtechnologiesmedia.com is a Multi-Media Digital applications, production and marketing Company. ATM is the parent company of subsidiary Corporations both public and private, and is also focused on partnerships and acquisitions in new technologies, robotics, and manufacturing sectors. The company and partners each have their own professional management team with extensive backgrounds in finance, manufacturing, marketing and distribution. ATM's goal is to combine the expertise of our team members to create a cohesive force, which will carry the company forward in the marketplace to a preeminent position through revenue sharing and acquisitions.

About iMD Companies, Inc.
IMD Companies, Inc., www.imdcompaniesinc.com (ICBU) is a Florida corporation, engaged in the manufacturing, extraction and distribution in mining, hydroponics, Hemp and CBD Health products industries and asset accumulations of revenue producing companies. The company is positioned to be a holding company for acquisitions in the medical, mining and hydroponics industries. Acquisitions in those areas are R-Quest Hydroponics from Anything Technologies Media (EXMT). The company and the principals of the management team have extensive backgrounds in finance, manufacturing, marketing and distribution.

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