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Anything Technologies Media Signs Joint Acquisition Marketing Agreement with Bitcoin Super Highway Asset Management Company

PLACERVILLE, CA, Nov. 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ - Anything Technologies Media Inc's. (EXMT) Board of Directors announced today that the company has signed a Joint Acquisition Marketing Agreement with Bitcoin Super Highway to co-market the newly developed Bitcoin Super Highway, a Bitcoin Asset Acquisition System.

The Bitcoin Super Highway is a newly developed concept assisting members in acquiring Bitcoin assets. By upgrading .05 of a Bitcoin to Phase 1 in the Bitcoin Super Highway, an individual can see that .05 of a Bitcoin grow to .3 Bitcoin to 1.8 Bitcoin and then 27.35 Bitcoin. This system is a crowdfunding concept that benefits every member equally and no one is left behind. The concept is unique to the Bitcoin market and the price is secondary to the acquisition side by being part of this program. 

Bob Hadley President of BSH stated, "We are extremely excited about our new relationship with ATM. We feel we have one of the most unique programs that are set to take advantage of the popularity of Bitcoin. ATM brings an outstanding media presence to the BSH and we are excited about the newly formed Joint Acquisition Marketing Agreement. These will open doors for future acquisitions and joint-partner opportunities.

For more information about BSH go to www.bitcoinsuperhighway.info and  www.bitcoinsuperhighway.com to sign up for the Bitcoin Super Highway.

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