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AOL DailyFinance: Use Manilla to Know Where Your Money is Going

Sarah Kaufman



We’re excited to share that AOL DailyFinance recently included Manilla in its post, “5 Money Habits of Highly Successful Women.”

Author Mary Beth Storjohann says, “Whether you’re a full-time employee or self-employed, it’s impossible to create or build a plan around your finances if you don’t know what’s happening with your money first. Use a website like Mint, You Need a Budget, or Manilla as a starting point for tracking your money and build a spending plan. If you’re on a variable income, it’s even more important for you to get a handle on things. Once you’re synced up, you’re going to see the areas in which you’re over- (or under-) spending and where you need to make adjustments. Take note on what’s going towards saving for your future self and how much is going towards debt pay down.”

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