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AOTMP Efficiency First(R) Supplier Solution Certification Program Validates Capabilities and Performance of Suppliers Within the Fixed and Mobile Telecommunications Management Industry

INDIANAPOLIS, IN--(Marketwire - Dec 18, 2012) - AOTMP today announced the Efficiency First® Certification Program, designed to provide credibility, serve as an outward symbol of a supplier's commitment to providing superior solutions and enable industry leaders to differentiate themselves from competition.

The Efficiency First® Framework, a disciplined, best practice-driven approach to managing fixed and mobile telecom environments, serves as the foundation for the Efficiency First® Supplier Solution Certification Program.

The Program begins with a diagnostic, evaluating a supplier's solution which includes technology and services against 16 fixed and mobile telecom management activities prescribed in the Efficiency First® Framework. A capabilities gap analysis is performed and a solution is certification eligible when capabilities are aligned.

Activity certification scores are comprised of three elements: capabilities, including technology and professional services; performance, including service-level agreement compliance across installed client base; and customer experience, including qualitative and quantitative responses from customers.

Certifications may be earned for one, multiple or all of the activities based on a solution's capabilities and are valid for 24 months from the issuance date. 

"Not only will becoming Efficiency First® Certified differentiate a supplier from their competition, it will also increase the supplier's marketability and aid them in delivering more value to clients," said AOTMP President and CEO Tim Lybrook.

AOTMP, an information services company, is a leading authority on driving efficiency and performance into enterprise fixed and mobile telecom environments. Working hand-in-hand with both enterprises and industry suppliers, AOTMP leverages information to drive results. Organizations seeking to reach peak performance turn to AOTMP's industry thought leaders, global knowledge, proprietary performance index, certification programs, and unparalleled benchmarking data for a complete environment management approach. For more information, visit www.aotmp.com.