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Apocalypse Labz’ Supplements Perfect Choice For Americans Who Like to Work Out

BOCA RATON, FL, Feb. 07, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Americans like to work out.

Seventy-three percent of Americans work out more than once a week. Eighteen percent of Americans spend between one and two hours a day at the gym, pumping iron and doing cardio.

“Our dietary supplements are the perfect choice for 18-35-year-old men and women who work out hard and want to improve their performance,” said Nick Keller, president and CEO of Apocalypse Labz, an Atlanta-based dietary supplement company. “We have developed supplements, such as Feral Pre, which is the best pre-workout product on the market.”

Apocalypse Labz, founded in 2017, is expanding its retail distribution network for its most popular supplements:

  1. Feral Pre is an ultra-concentrated pre-workout formula for younger bodybuilders looking for high energy. Feral Pre comes in four flavors: Skull Crusher Candy, Warrior Melon Gummy, and Cherry Bomb Cocktail.
  2. Tactical Aminos is the next generation of intra-workout amino acids supplement. It replenishes vital electrolytes while neutralizing lactic acid build-up. Tactical Aminos, a recovery-based supplement, comes in three flavors: Arctic Cherry Glacier, Strawberry Margarita, and Tear Gas Tangerine.
  3. Day of Reckoning, a testosterone booster, aims to increase your testosterone level naturally.
  4. Arimageddon is an estrogen blocker stacked with a testosterone booster.

“Individuals who reach peak performance during their workouts need our products,” Keller said. “All of these dietary supplements are geared toward the exercise industry.”

Keller said, however, Apocalypse Labz plans to introduce in 2020 several products that will promote healthy lifestyles, such as Acid Rain, a fat burner; Think Tank, a nootropic; and RGV, a capsule to provide people with the nutrition of all your daily fruits, greens, and veggie requirements in a single capsule.

Apocalypse Labz’ dietary supplements stand out from many of its competitors because its formulas do not include filler ingredients that many others use as “label dressing”.

“We only include the ingredients in the proportions that will provide our customers with the intended benefit,” Keller said. “We don’t add unnecessary ingredients. Our research and development team’s mission is to develop the best formula with the right ingredients in the correct ratio.”

Keller also said Apocalypse Labz emphasizes customer service.

“If you have a question, you can usually reach someone to help you 24/7,” he added. “We want to hear from you.”

For more information, check out Apocalypse Labz on Facebook, Instagram, and its website.


Andrew Polin
Apocalypse Labz