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Apollo-M Brings Netflix-Style Innovation to Music Learning World

Like Netflix for films and Oyster for books, Apollo-M is an on demand platform bringing you all the music lesson content and digital tools you need to learn and play your favorite instrument and songs in one place Click here for high-resolution version

NASHVILLE, TN--(Marketwired - Oct 1, 2014) - Since the launch of on-demand subscription platforms, Spotify and Oyster have allowed millions of people to listen to their favorite bands or read books from their favorite authors anywhere, and anytime. Soon musicians around the world can have similar, unlimited access to an unmatched digital library of music learning books and videos.

Apollo-M is an on-demand, subscription platform delivering eBook, video and audio lesson content to aspiring and professional musicians, music educators and related businesses. It will be available on all major platforms and devices in the United States and internationally. A free trial period will allow anyone to see all of the benefits for themselves, before they subscribe. Additional expansion features under development include a complete suite of digital music-learning and practice tools, and a professional social network specifically focused on musicians and related industries.

World-leading music education innovator, LearnToPlayMusic.com, has so far invested over $2 million developing Apollo-M, its expansion features, and new content for the platform. It's generally estimated that approximately 8% of people in the US, and 3-5% of the rest of the world's population, plays a musical instrument. That's about thirty million practicing and aspiring musicians in America, and three hundred million globally. LearnToPlayMusic.com is aiming to have one million subscribers within twelve months, and a five year growth plan that would position Apollo-M as one of the world's top twenty social and content delivery platforms.

"The appeal of a platform like Apollo-M is in having all the resources and knowledge that a beginner or professional musician needs to pursue their music playing goals, in one place, for only $4.95 a month," said Gary Turner, the co-founder and CEO of LearnToPlayMusic.com. "Really, anyone who has the desire to learn to play the music they love will be able to subscribe and get immediate and unlimited access to the best eBooks, videos, podcasts, web TV shows, sheet music and documentaries about learning and playing music. Apollo-M will cover every popular musical instrument, genre, style, age group and experience level. And as a resource for beginner musicians, music teachers, schools and their students, no other app or website will come close to matching the platform's combined features and value."

Apollo-M will launch in the 2nd Quarter of 2015, with a library of over ten thousand eBook, video and audio lessons, but Learn To Play Music has much more planned for the platform.

"Digitizing 35 years worth of our music lesson content, and creating new material for Apollo-M is really just the start," said Turner. "Our goal is to make Apollo-M the definitive one-stop platform for everything that an aspiring or professional musician needs to learn, play and develop their skills."

Expansion features currently in development for Apollo-M include: Apollo-M Interactive Gameplay, the most advanced interactive learning tool available; Apollo-M Toolkit, giving musicians all the digital tools they need to play, practice and develop their music, including Recording & Mixing, Songwriter's Assistant, Chord & Scale Finder, Backing Tracks, and Tuner; Apollo-M Connect, a social network focused on connecting musicians with other music professionals; Apollo-M LiveTeacher, connecting students with music teachers live, one-on-one, anywhere, anytime, around the world.

Apollo-M is not just for consumers, it is also a great opportunity for professional musicians, teachers, stores, publishers and schools. "Alongside the licensing deals we have in place with other major content providers, we're inviting expressions of interest from music professionals, teachers and schools to discuss distributing their original music lesson and related content as a part of Apollo-M's 'Pay-per-view Royalty Payment Program'," added Turner. "Apollo-M really is the next evolution in music learning and playing, and we want everyone in the music community to have the opportunity to be involved and share in the rewards."

Turner added, "In the coming weeks, we will be launching a Kickstarter campaign, allowing musicians and anyone in the music teaching industry to support and be directly involved in Apollo-M's continuing development. We will be offering some really cool and exclusive perks to support the platform, and giving everyone that contributes a piece of the action."

About LearnToPlayMusic.com
Launched in Australia in 1979 (as Koala Music Publications), LearnToPlayMusic.com is one of the world's leading publishers of music learning books, videos and digital lesson content. With sales of over 25 million copies, and a history of innovation that includes being the first music education publisher in the world to include cassette tapes, VHS tapes, CDs and DVDs with their products, along with Awards for Innovation in e-publishing, LearnToPlayMusic.com continues to create and develop new ways to bring the gift of playing music to anyone with the passion to learn.

To receive more information on Apollo-M and LearnToPlayMusic.com please contact Gary Turner at apollo-m@learntoplaymusic.com - or visit apollo-m.com.

A full press kit is available at learntoplaymusic.com/press-room.

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