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Here's what's up with the Chevy Traverse SUP concept

Reese Counts

The next phase of Chevy's SEMA plan is here, and it's a much different vehicle than the Colorado ZR2 Midnight and Dusk Editions. The two-tone Traverse SUP - that's stand-up paddleboard - is a silver and blue crossover meant more for sandy beaches than muddy off-road tracts. It's fitted with a number of GM accessories, a roof rack and paddleboard with matching blue paint.

The Traverse is the latest and largest crossover from Chevrolet. If you need space for people and cargo, nothing short of a van is a better solution. The Traverse SUP is fitted with a Thule roof rack and a stand up paddle board from Riviera Paddlesurf. The lower half of the body is painted in a bright blue paint. In addition to the rack and paddleboard, Chevy has pulled a number of parts from its accessories catalog including black 20-inch wheels, a black grille insert, black bowties, a trailer hitch and all-weather floor mats and cargo liner. Really, aside from the paint, all of these parts and accessories are available to purchase.

The Chevy Traverse SUP will debut next week at SEMA in Las Vegas alongside a number of other Chevy and GM products. Stay tuned for more SEMA news and concepts.

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Here's what's up with the Chevy Traverse SUP concept originally appeared on Autoblog on Mon, 23 Oct 2017 17:00:00 EDT.