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'Big Brother 19' Spoilers: Will Alex Follow Jason in Double Eviction?

Gina Carbone

"Big Brother 19" holds the second double eviction of this disappointing season tonight, and it may include a double Jalex blindside.

That's the plan anyway. And "the plan" = "Paul's plan."

Paul Abrahamian has been running the show ever since he got to give out eight safety "friendship" bracelets and was given three weeks of safety. Even Josh Martinez finally questioning Paul's game doesn't mean Josh would actually evict Paul, since he'd lose Christmas Abbott, who is either being paid to help Paul win or is just madly in love with him. She seems fine handing him the full $500K, that's for sure.

As of this moment, Jason Dent is still in the house, on the block next to his buddy Kevin Schlehuber. Jason will leave tonight (Thursday, Sept. 7). Whatever the edit shows, Jason is not 100 percent sure he's staying. He hopes he's staying, though, and Kevin is basically over the whole thing. But "the plan" is to tie the votes with Christmas sending Jason out. Paul wants to come out with clean hands. He also wants someone else (Raven Walton is his first choice) to win the next Head of Household to target Alex Ow. That way Paul is not blamed for targeting Jason and Alex, who think he's their No. 3 ride-or-die, even though this has all been his idea.

So there's a good chance that Alex will be evicted second, right behind Jason, unless she wins HoH. If she does win HoH, she'll probably target Josh, Christmas, or Kevin. Certainly not Paul. Unless a miracle happens. At the moment, she's clueless, and Paul has set things up so he comes out looking like he was blindsided by the Jason vote, too. And they'll be no time to discuss what actually happened, since the double eviction follows within minutes.

If Jason and Alex do leave back-to-back tonight, that leaves Paul a clean playing field -- with Raven and Christmas hopelessly devoted to their cult leader, Kevin seeming half-awake but OK to just let Paul win, and Josh waking up too late to do anything but realize he was instrumental all season to helping Paul win.

"Big Brother 19" airs Thursday at 9 p.m. on CBS., and Sundays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m.

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