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Here's how billions of people use Google products, in one chart

Anita Balakrishnan
Adam Berry | Getty Images. Google's recent response to a viral anti-diversity memo shows a major shift from focusing on the customer to focusing on employees and company culture.

Google's influence is pretty staggering: On Android — just one of Google's products — there were 82 billion apps and games downloaded just this past year.

In fact, Google said at its developer conference this week that it has 7 products with over 1 billion users: Gmail, Chrome, Maps, Search, YouTube, Google Play Store and Android, which just hit 2 billion active devices.

To put that in perspective, Facebook has 3 products with over 1 billion monthly users: Facebook itself, WhatsApp and Messenger.

Even products that you may never have heard up draw millions to Google. For instance, 2 million students have taken Google's VR "field trips" and there are 1 million Google FireBase developers, the search advertising company revealed at the conference.

Here are some of the latest statistics Google shared:

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