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'Daily Show' Calls Out Trump's Double Standard On Politicizing Terror Attacks

“The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah noticed a striking difference between the ways President Donald Trump has reacted to recent acts of terror in Virginia and New York.

In one case, Trump insisted he needed to hear all the facts before making a direct statement. In the other case, he jumped right into proposing new policies.

After a white supremacist rally inCharlottesville this August turned deadly,Trump insisted it was going to take some time for all the facts to emerge.  and that he needed to wait until then before commenting. 

“I wanted to make sure, unlike most politicians, that what I said was correct, not make a quick statement,” the president said at a press conferencedays after the rally.

On Tuesday, mere hours after adriver killed eight people by plowing a pickup truckdown a bike path in lower Manhattan, Trump was alreadytweeting about ISIS and about placing heavier restrictions on America’s immigration system.

On Wednesday, Trump called on Congress toend the diversity immigrant visa lottery program.

“When it was a Nazi, Trump needed more facts,” Noah said on Wednesday night’s show. “When it was a Muslim, that was the only fact that he needed.”

Watch the segment above.


This article originally appeared on HuffPost.