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Here's The First Look At MAD Magazine's Version Of Disney World

The December issue ofMAD Magazine debuts in digital form on Friday with the “Stranger Things” cast MAD-ified on the cover. As usual, in its pages the mag skewers those in power ― namely, Disney.

It feels a little bit like Disney owns everything, right? For some reason, that doesn’t strike the same level of fear in everyone the way it does when we say “Nestlé makes all the foods you eat.” Maybe it’s because we imagine a lovable cartoon mouse in the boardroom whimsically navigating the company through tough decisions, and then we just laugh ourselves giddily into consumer complacency.

But seriously, Disney ownsso muchof the entertainment you consume ― LucasFilms, Pixar, The Muppets, Marvel, ESPN, A&E, the list goes on.

In this HuffPost-exclusive reveal, artist Tom Bunk skewers Disney’s gi-normous Florida-based entertainment complex, Walt Disney World, with an equally gi-normous, but masterfully deep, illustration. 

Pro tip: This image isbusy, so, to avoid finger and eye strain from over-zooming, maybe just gopick up the issue when it makes its debut.

This article originally appeared on HuffPost.