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'Homeland' Cast Has Week-Long 'Spy Camp' Each Season

Stephanie Topacio Long

For Claire Danes, the best part of starring in "Homeland" is not the travel she gets to do for the show or the awards she wins -- it is "spy camp."

The actress recently joined Stephen Colbert on "The Late Show," and he wanted to know more about the show's real-world influences. He knew that they had worked with actual spies in the past, so he asked Danes about it, and she told him that its an annual thing. Before every season, the cast, writers, and producers have what she calls "spy camp."

The actress explained what the camp consists of, and admittedly, we're a little disappointed. We first pictured Danes and her co-stars learning how to blend in or tell when someone's lying, for example, but it sounds more like a week of classes. Still, Danes loves it.

"It's, like, the coolest part of my job," she told Colbert.

During "spy camp," they meet with "real spooks," other members of the intelligence community, State Department employees, and journalists. To be fair, that would be interesting, too, especially given that they've seen the political climate change over the years, as Danes explained.

Watch below, starting around at 6:01.

"Homeland" Season 7 premieres Feb. 11 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Showtime.