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'Hypocrisy!' Melania and Ivanka Trump Tweet About International Women’s Day and the Internet Claps Back

Tierney McAfee

Melania and Ivanka Trump acknowledged International Women’s Day on Twitter, but their messages fell flat with many social media users who were quick to point out their close connection to the president and his troubling past with women.

“Today we come together in recognition of women at home & around the globe. We celebrate women’s achievements, past & present, & pledge to empower women to reach their full economic potential for generations to come,” Ivanka Trump tweeted Thursday.

“When women thrive, we ALL succeed. #InternationalWomensDay,” she added.

Multiple people on Twitter criticized Ivanka for what they saw as a “hypocritical” message.

“Ivanka, your hypocrisy and lack of awareness are pitiful,” one user wrote.

“I think it’s pretty inappropriate for you to pretend to care about women. Or America,” said another.

Though Ivanka has spoken out about the importance of paid family leave and empowering women, she recently refused to answer a question about the numerous women who have accused her father of sexual misconduct, calling the inquiry “inappropriate.”

In October 2016, just weeks before the presidential election, a now infamous video was released showing Trump boasting to Billy Bush in 2005 of sexually assaulting women. In it, Trump said that because he’s a “star” he can “grab [women] by the p—y.” Days later, Trump acknowledged he made the comments but dismissed them as “locker room talk.” Melania Trump also went on record as saying the remarks were simply “boy talk.”

Since 2016, 19 women alleged on the record that Trump had touched, grabbed or kissed them without their permission. Trump has long denied the claims.

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The first lady faced similar criticism for her International Women’s Day tweet on Thursday.

“Happy #IWD2018. Today we recognize, celebrate & honor women around the globe,” she wrote, also announcing that she will present the #WomenOfCourage award to “some extraordinary women” on March 21.

“Melania – I don’t know where to begin. Your husband’s administration is undermining women every day,” one user responded. “When will you truly stand up for women’s rights instead of being #complicit? I wish you greater empathy and compassion.”

“Do you not see, or care, about the hypocrisy of your tweet Melania?” asked another user. “If you really want to promote change, stand on your own two feet and be a part of the solution! No medal you hand out could ever be as meaningful.”

Of course, not everybody on social media spoke out against the two Trump women.

Wrote one social media user, “@FLOTUS, u are doing a great job, don’t listen 2these haters who just secretly wish they were as classy n beautiful (inside and out) as you.”

Speaking up for Ivanka, another social media user wrote, “You are such an inspiration and such an amazing, wonderful Mom and First Daughter. Great leadership!”

The two women faced similar blowback last week when they tweeted about the start of Women’s History Month.

The president also tweeted about International Women’s Day Thursday afternoon, simply writing: “Happy #InternationalWomensDay” and linking to the White House announcement about his wife presenting the 2018 International Women of Courage Award.

The president has previously shared that he doesn’t consider himself a feminist.

“I wouldn’t say I’m a feminist,” the 71-year-old said during an interview with Piers Morgan in January. “I mean, I think that would be, maybe, going too far.”

He continued, “I’m for women, I’m for men, I’m for everyone. I think people have to go out, they have to go out and really do it, and they have to win. And women are doing great, and I’m happy about that.”

He added, “But I have tremendous respect for women.”