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'Jeopardy!' contestant wins with jaw-droppingly small amount of money

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Another "Jeopardy!" moment to remember!

On Tuesday night's episode of "Jeopardy!" -- a week after Austin Rogers' stunning winning streak came to an end -- Manny Abell extended his winning streak to three with a jaw-dropping win that make Rogers' histrionics look tame in comparison.

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Abell went into the Final Jeopardy round with $1,000 and wound up with $1 after getting the question wrong and betting $999. He immediately had a look of defeat on his face, but it turns out his "Jeopardy!" run was somehow not over.

Both of his competitors went into Final Jeopardy with $12,300 and, not only did both of them also get the answer wrong, but they also both bet their entire earnings. In other words, both of them ended up with $0, making Abell a "Jeopardy!" champion once again with a total haul of just $1. 

See the funniest moments in "Jeopardy!" history below:

The development caused host Alex Trebek to proclaim that Abell's victory was "the smallest win in many, many years," implying that it had somehow happened before.

Turns out, his stunning victory with $1 has happened in "Jeopardy!" history -- but just once. According to Jeopardy!'s J-Buzz website, in 1993, Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Derryl Scott also pulled off the feat. 

At the time, Trebek called it "our smallest total ever!"

Watch the $1 "Jeopardy!" victories in the video below:

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