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You'll Definitely Want To Stop Everything and Read This Announcement From BHLDN

Dawn Strong

Simply put: the new Spring 2018 Collection from BHLDN is gorgeous. With stunning silhouettes, beautiful detailing and amazing fabrics, it's the kind of lineup that has everything you've ever wanted all in one cozy (extremely beautiful) place. And guess what? They're launching 25 gowns for pre-order starting today. Yep, you don't have to wait any longer to find "the one" - you can log in online and do it, like, right now. #bestdayever

So, there's good news... and then there is this type of good news. And if you want to dance around in your yoga pants, we've been there, done that. Because with a collection of gowns that includes everything from figure-enhancing mermaid silhouettes (hey there, Nicolette) to voluminous ball gowns (the Carlton = one of our faves) to off-the-shoulder classics like the Windsor, there is most definitely something for everyone. And, really, who doesn't love a little early bird shopping? Plus, as an early holiday present, our friends at BHLDN our giving us a sneak peek at their newest Look Book Collection, available on November 28th. See the pretties below, because today is awesome.

Ready to do the most important holiday shopping of your life? Log on to BHLDN to peruse the 25 gowns available for pre-order - and get ready to walk down the aisle like the princess you know you are. Simply hover over your selected size on the product page to see when your gown will ship out - some will arrive as early as January 2018. Want to try the gown on prior to your order? You can see every gown in store, and can even attend one of the launch parties for the Spring 2018 Collection in select stores starting on December 14th.

Start shopping, you guys!