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You'll Never Guess Why Audrey Roloff Was Mom-Shamed This Time

Jennifer Mattern
Little People, Big World star Audrey Roloff seems to attract more mom-shamers than most, and we...

Little People, Big World star Audrey Roloff seems to attract more mom-shamers than most, and we honestly can't figure out why. She and her husband, Jeremy Roloff, welcomed baby girl Ember Jean in September, and Audrey's mothering (not Jeremy's fathering, naturally) has been under the hater-fueled microscope since day one. In fact, Audrey Roloff was being shamed for showing her pregnant belly in a series of cute social media posts before Ember even arrived on the scene. So what gives with all the Audrey haters and trolls? Is it the adorable baby? Is it Audrey's great hair? Inquiring moms want to know.

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The latest in "WTF is wrong with people?" news: Audrey Roloff posted a very sweet pic on Facebook on Nov. 15 of Ember's recent checkup at the pediatrician. In the photo, a grinning Audrey holds Ember's teensy hand in an exam room. “Getting so tall and strong,” was the innocent caption. We'll give you a minute to see if you can find something to troll. Just try. Nope, we couldn't find anything either.

Audrey Roloff FB

Audrey Roloff FB

But if for some reason you went out on a limb and guessed "ripped jeans" — ding, ding, ding! You win the Absurd Troll Bait Identification Prize, because shamers did indeed shame Roloff for her torn attire. Basically the instant the post went live.

Enjoy this unpunctuated monologue:

"Blouse is very cute not a fan of the ripped jeans and a big hole at the knee and I will tell you why...It seems like her younger generation is not into dressing up as when I was growing up, dressing up meant you had style and class... at appointments and get togethers with family and when meeting with friends I want to feel and be my best...If you want to look like that with hanging out with friends at the movies or chillin and going to the mall then by all means dress like that but it seems like women of her generation dress like tom boys and do not want to dress feminine anymore just put on a sweat shirt and a hoody even meeting family at a restaurant like that... get a nice blouse and a pair of slacks that is how women dressed back in the day and I think women lack style and taste anymore."

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God forbid moms dress comfortably or, even worse, like a "tom boy." (We'll try to contain our anger over here.)

Just last week, Roloff posted a completely lovely pic of Ember to celebrate the little girl's 2-month milestone. Let's play another round of "WTF is wrong with people?" shall we?

Audrey Ember

Audrey Ember

Did your inner Victorian nanny cluck at the unironed blanket and Baby Ember's bare legs? Neither did ours. But if so, you are a winner! Commenters had a field day arguing about whether or not this baby blanket should have been ironed (What? I mean, what??) or whether or not Ember was catching pneumonia from the comforts of her own home.

OK, one more super-fun round of "WTF is wrong with people?" We present to you exhibit C, a shot Roloff posted in early November on Facebook:

Baby wipes AR

Baby wipes AR

Oh, OK. We know you're trying to pretend you didn't notice that she piled baby wipe packages on her sleeping child in a super-awkward way. That's really nice of you, and we appreciate it. But, yeah, that didn't fly so well with commenters:

"They should not be on baby like that come on. There not light in weight," said one horrified commenter.

"Ok what the heck put the wipes packages on the bed or some thing not on a beautiful sleeping baby girl," freaked another.

Bonus points if you can target another detail that made some shamers lose their shit. No? Surprise: It's the clear pacifier.

"Is this little Baby Girl Roloff, or a doll? I've never seen a pacifier like that before. It's a little weird to me, kind of medical device looking with the hole in the mouth piece and the part that goes over the nose. Things have advanced since I had a baby, this pacifier must be safer for baby I guess [horrified emoji face]"

Thankfully, Audrey does have some outspoken and protective fans to dish it out to the trolls:

"Don’t you people have anything better to do then try to shame this young mother. She is dressed in the style of her generation you don’t need to dress up to take a baby to the doctors. Last week she didn’t iron the blanket the baby was on this week it’s her jeans. Do you need to be reminded she is the mother of a two month old? Time and sleep are precious!"

Damn straight, lady. Another remarked sagely:

"Seems like the 'self righteous' love to hang out on Roloff’s pages. Do these people hear what they are putting out there? What is the point of their judgements?"

Girl, preach. In the meantime, Audrey, just do your mom thing. Try to keep calm (it's gotta be tough given these dire social media circumstances) and carry on.